Final Fantasy 7 Remake May Be Delayed To Next-Gen, Production Yet To Start

If what a Famitsu interview is saying is correct, the Final Fantasy 7 remake that drummed up so much excitement back in E3 2015 has yet to actually start production. Square Enix, from what some are interpreting about the interview, is still just putting together target footage, meaning the benchmark they want the game at.

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Rumors of Final Fantasy 7 being remade had been circulating the internet for a good while before the E3 2015 trailer actually came out. However, while Final Fantasy 12 is also getting a current-gen remake, the Final Fantasy game that everyone is more excited about may not actually come out until several years from now, despite news to the contrary.

If the Final Fantasy 7 remake actually is delayed until the next generation of consoles due to the graphics targets that Square Enix wants, we may be looking at another version of Final Fantasy 15, which was delayed for 10 years before finally coming out in November of last year. While Final Fantasy 12’s remake is slated to be released in July of this year, we may be looking at a long wait before the Final Fantasy 7 remake is actually released.

However, it is still a rumor of whether or not we’ll have to wait that long to get the game; the Famitsu article is, after all, just a writer’s interpretation of what they hear in an interview. While the target footage comment might be some cause for concern, hopefully Square Enix won’t rely on Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 12, and Final Fantasy 14 to keep Final Fantasy fans occupied until the Final Fantasy 7 remake is ready to come out.

Considering that Final Fantasy 7 is considered not only one of the best Final Fantasy games, but also one of the best video games period, Square Enix might have had more success if they had actually started working on the game before announcing it in 2015, rather than relying on hype to keep people interested.