Final Fantasy 7 Remake Lost Friends ‘Missing Cats Locations’ Walkthrough

In the remake of Final Fantasy 7, there will be many side quests for you as you play through the main story chapters. One side mission is named Lost Friends, which you will find during Chapter 3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Lost Friends side quest becomes available when you’ve talked to Chadley for the first time during the Problem Solving main objective during Chapter 3.

In this guide, we will go through the Lost Friends mission for you and help you find the missing cats locations in FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Lost Friends ‘Missing Cats Locations’

During chapter 3 of FF7 Remake, you will come across Betty. Betty needs someone to find her feline friends. You will have to search the slums of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for three cats

  • Find Betty’s 3 Cat Locations
  • Return to Betty

While talking to Betty, she will give you some hints about where the cats may be. We will list the hint and the real locations of cats for you.

Cat #1
Hint: They love crowded places, like the road to the station. A lot of people stop to play with them there.
Location: It is present on the exit road of the Residential Area on the way to Pillar Plaza. Once you reach this area, Tifa will tell you that she hears the cat nearby. This is your cue to start searching for it.

Hint: They’ll also go wherever there’s free food. Marlene says she always gives them some snacks when they go to Seventh Heaven.
Location: The second cat is found in front of Tifa’s bar “Seventh Heaven”. This is the same bar where you first met up with Tifa and Barret. It will be sitting on the right side of the entrance door.

Cat #3
Hint: I see a lot of cats hanging out near the Beginner’s Hall, too. You know the place. It’s the one with all the houses around it.
Location: This last cat is well hidden. It is near the houses east of your rest spot/apartment, on the lower path. A woman here will be looking into a dark metal tube and say “Hey, what are you doing in there? Come on out”. Go through that dark metal tube the woman is staring out. On the other end you find the last cat location in the courtyard.

Return and talk to Betty to reunite her with her cats. She will rejoice and reward you with A Maiden’s Kiss potion (removes toad-related curses), 1x HP and MP fully restored.

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