Final Fantasy 7 Remake Just Flew in From the Graveyard ‘Security Key Location’ Walkthrough

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s quest ‘Just Flew In From The Graveyard’ has you running around fighting off Gorges, Lesser Drake and a Cerulean Drake. Here we have prepared the complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Just Flew in From the Graveyard walkthrough to help you out.

Talk to Gwen outside, and she will brief you on all the details for this FF7 Remake side quest regarding the monsters who have invaded the facility.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Just Flew in From the Graveyard

This FF7 Remake side quest can be started by conversing with Gwen. Once you have all the details you need from her, head back around and through the fenced gate. Here, you will find a bunch of Gorges to fight off against.

Fight off the Gorgers
Just past the gate, you will find a shed with Gorgers lurking about. Keep in mind that these little beasts are weak to ice, and will often attack from a distance.

Due to their ability to climb up onto walls, it can become increasingly difficult to deal damage to them.

Use Magic Attacks or Tifa’s uppercut ability to take all of them down. After taking the first wave down, proceed further on to find three more of these enemies.

Vending Machine and Blue Bench: Use the mechanism to lift up the metallic door, past it you will find a vending machine and a blue bench to restore your HP and MP to the max.

Break the boxes in the same area as the vending machine to get the Watch Security Key. Go back through the area, and head up the stairs into the hallway to your right. Fight off the Gorgers in this area as well. And proceed onto the next area.

Fighting off Lesser Drakes
Drakes are flying creatures that will remain in the air at all times. They are, however, weak to wind, and it is recommended that you bring them down to the ground if you intend to kill them in an instant.

Use any magic abilities you have, and use your normal abilities once they are in melee range.

Fighting the Cerulean Drake
The Cerulean Drake, like the Lesser Drakes, is weak to Wind. It will often unleash an icy gust of wind. The methodology is similar to that of Lesser Drakes.

Use Magic Abilities, or Tifa’s uppercut to close the distance between you and the enemy. Once he’s down on the ground, unleash your fury of attacks to take care of the Drake.

Return to Gwen
After the infestation has been dealt with, talk to Gwen to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with:

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