Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Nero Boss Guide

This is your one-stop guide for everything related to the Nero Boss Fight in FF7 Remake INTERmission DLC. Throughout this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Nero Boss guide, we will be covering everything related to the final boss fight including how many phases it has, how should you approach the fight, and what your overall strategy should be.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Nero Boss

The latest DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake; INTERmission lets you play as Yuffie and progress through her storyline. You will fight many bosses along the way and then face off against Nero at the end. He is a formidable opponent and taking him on without rethinking your strategy can prove fatal for you.

How to Defeat Nero in FF7 Remake

Your boss fight with Nero in FF7 Remake will have three phases and you should be focusing on different things and playstyles in all three of them. We will also be giving you some general tips for this fight, along with a basic strategy that will help you ensure an easy win against Nero.

First Phase
Right after the cutscene, your fight against Nero begins. During the first phase of this boss fight, you should rely on Yuffie’s mobility and do quick attacks while keeping your distance.

If you try to attack Nero carelessly, he will grapple you for a few seconds and follow up with a swirl of deadly attacks. Your best bet is to use the Windstorm ability on Nero as much as you can.

Use the windstorm ability, followed by Yuffie’s quick attacks to inflict massive damage. Keep doing the same move, while keeping your distance until you trigger a cutscene which marks the start of the second phase of this fight.

Second Phase
The battle arena will also change a little with the start of the second phase. During this phase, Nero becomes more aggressive and unlike the previous phase, he will take the initiative to attack if you are careless.

Nero uses deadly dashes and leap attacks that inflict massive damage. Your main focus at the start of this round should be to ensure that you have an adequate amount of MP. To keep Nero at bay, you have to stagger him with windstorm and art of war ability.

Once staggered, use Yuffie’s quick attacks and Sonon’s Twirling Lunge ability to cut down Nero’s HP quite a bit.  You have to be on your toes as soon as the stagger effect goes away as Nero tends to do a dash attack right after that.

Keep using potions and MP boosts to stay up and running and summon Ramuh once you can. Eventually, another cutscene will be triggered, signaling the start of the third and final phase of this Boss fight.

Third Phase
Nero will start hovering and use a lot of projectile attacks. If you have Ramuh by your side, the final phase will prove to be way less of a hassle. You have to do the same combination of attacks.

Stagger and slow down Nero using windstorm and art of war and then synergize with Sonon and spam Nero with some quick attacks. If you take damage, maintain some distance between yourself and Nero and heal with potions before closing in to attack him again.

Once Nero loses enough HP, he will cover the whole room with a dark aura. Use Yuffie’s Bloodbath Limit to inflict some serious damage to Nero and this will stagger him as well. Now, put the final nail in the coffin by spamming Nero with the art of war or windbreaker abilities until his health bar runs out.

And now you can sit back and enjoy an extensive ending cutscene, followed by credits and a lengthy post-credits cutscene as well.

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