Final Fantasy 7 Remake Burning Thighs ‘Squatting Mini Game’ Walkthrough

Master the art of squatting and finish the Burning Thighs side quest with the help of this Final Fantasy 7 Remake walkthrough

Burning Thighs is a side quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The side quest will become available once you reach Chapter 9 and complete the mission Underground Colosseum. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Burning Thighs quest takes place in Sector 6 Slums, the Wall Market.

Burning Thighs will be given by Jules, the head trainer of the gym. Cloud will be tasked to face another member of the gym and win.

The objective in Burning Thighs is to win against Ronnie in a squat-off, one of the many mini-games you will face in FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Burning Thighs

The Burning Thighs side quest will be rather simple and brief. Go and converse with Jules to get a brief tutorial on the squatting mechanics in FF7 Remake.

You will have to press the following keys in chronological order: the triangle, the circle, the cross and the square. You will be required to time this with the icons that appear on the screen.

Eventually, the icons will start to fade, and you will have to fasten your pace since the period/timing will shorten.

Make sure that you observe Cloud’s body and how the movements time with the sequence so that you can sync how you press the buttons. This is extremely important to remember and perfect for when the prompts disappear from the screen.

After you’ve passed the first round of the challenge, you will have completed this side quest. The first round is very easy to complete because your opponent will keep on falling down.

Once you’ve completed the side quest, you will be rewarded with 3 Mega-Potions by Jules.

If you compete through further levels of the Squatting mini-game in FF7 Remake, you will also be able to get your hands on the trophy named the Sultan of Squat.

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