Rumor: Final Fantasy 7 Had Troubled Development Before Square Enix Internalized Production

A major portion of the game's development was scrapped when Square Enix took over the game's development. Final Fantasy 7 remake had a very troubled development.

Final Fantasy 7 remake has been in development for a long time but so far we have seen very little of the game. Many wondered why a remake is taking so long but we may finally have an explanation. According to a Japanese game developer Dan Tsukasa, who is a 3D artist, Final Fantasy 7 remake had a very troubled development.

The game was being handled by CyberConnect2 but apparently, they had a hard time managing the project.  Around 1-2 years ago, Square Enix took the project back from CyberConnect2 and internalized the game’s development. The project was then handed over to BD1, a legendary in-house studio, that handheld FFXIII/Mobius.

A major portion of the game’s development was scrapped when Square Enix took over the game’s development. According to Dan, Cyberconnect2’s work was so useless that Square Enix decided to almost start from scratch, they scrapped two years of work so while the game is in development for 4 years, they only had two years worth of content to work with.

They don’t have 4 years of work, they have 2. The announcement that square was taking the game away from Cyberconnect2, they didn’t take it away and continue it, they started it again because cyber connects work was just so useless and not far enough along, but still far enough along that remaking it was faster than refactoring it… (it wasn’t in a good state at all).

I’ll explain it this way. When has a company taking work away from another company ever been a positive sign of things? I know CyberConnects work was unusable, I’ve worked with them before, i know their level.

And i know they outsourced to hell and back in order to get things to the point we saw them publicly, and it still wasn’t enough to save them.

It seems the development studio handling the project was, for the lack of a better word, incompetent. Keep in mind that Dan is quoting information he heard from other developers so much of it could be false or exaggerated. CyberConnect2 is known for its work on Naruto games that are pretty decent. However, it seems the development team had a hard time managing Final Fantasy 7 remake that led to a prolonged development time.

Source: Reddit

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