Final Fantasy 16 Will Release First For PS5, PC To Follow

While it was assumed as much, the new Final Fantasy 16 will not be releasing simultaneously on both PlayStation 5 and PC after all.

According to a new YouTube advert uploaded by PlayStation Brazil last week, Final Fantasy 16 will not be “available on other platforms for a limited time after launching on PlayStation 5.” That pretty much confirms the PC version of the game to arrive sometime after the initial PS5 launch.

When Final Fantasy 16 was announced last year, the trailer mentioned the new installment to be console exclusive to PlayStation while also confirming availability on PC. Square Enix however backtracked shortly after to clarify that the game will be releasing exclusively on PS5 with “no further information” on whether other platforms will be receiving the game or not.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square Enix are strongly rumored to have agreed on an exclusivity arrangement to have Final Fantasy 16 enjoy a timed exclusive period on PS5 before landing on other platforms.

The recent Final Fantasy 7 remake, for example, was also flaunting PlayStation exclusivity before a one-year timed exclusivity confirmed that the game would be releasing for Xbox One and PC as well.

Final Fantasy 16 in similar fashion could hence be releasing first on PS5, and on other platforms once a possible one-year exclusivity period ends. This probably includes PC and perhaps Xbox Series X as well unless Sony decided to keep the game console exclusive for a longer duration, which is unlikely.

Final Fantasy 16 has received no release date but speculations are pegging hopes on a release in late 2021. While hopes alone have fans excited, 2021 has so far been a year of delays. The game might have been aiming for a late 2021 release but which could easily be pushed back into 2022.

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