Final Fantasy 16 Like Father, Like Daughter Walkthrough 

The Like Father, Like Daughter quest in Final Fantasy 16 is a short one that'll have you recover certain belongings. Here's how to do it!

Like Father, Like Daughter is a sub-quest of the main quest of A Song of Hope in Final Fantasy 16.

Otto will tell Clive that any salvaged equipment of his from the old hideaway will be in Mid’s dungeons. If there is anything of use remaining, it will likely be present there. So it is up to Clive to go to the dungeons and see what he can get.

As such, we’ll be telling you all about the Like Father, Like Daughter sub-quest in Final Fantasy 16 and how you can complete it. 

How to complete Like Father, Like Daughter in FF16 

You can start the quest by speaking with Otto during A Song Of Hope quest. He will direct you to Mid’s Workshop to proceed with the quest. That is where the majority of the quest takes place. 

The Like Father, Like Daughter quest in Final Fantasy 16 has only a few objectives. We have listed them below for easier reference.

Talk With Otto 

As mentioned before, you’ll need to talk to Otto during A Song of Hope quest to start this one. You’ll find him near the Hunt Board at his usual place. Approach him and talk to him and you’ll start this quest.

Go to Mid’s Workshop

Your first task is to make your way to Mid’s Workshop. Take the stairs and keep going until you are on the other side of the bridge.

Here, you’ll find Mid’s Workshop. Once you are inside, look for the stacks below the stairs on the left side. You need to interact with the desk to find out where the Cid’s pipes are hidden. 

Then, you will look for the shelf and you will find a doll there. Open the doll which will get you Cid’s Letter having a riddle in it, written for Mid. 

Return to Otto

Go back to Otto to have a conversation with him again in which he will interpret the riddle. He’ll tell you about a device called Orchestrion which you now need to find.

Make your way to the center of the Hideaway. Once you are there, move towards Haron’s stall where you will find the Orchestrion.

Play Music 

Interact with the Orchestrion and it will play music. Once that happens, Otto will come by and give compliments. A cutscene will play after which this quest will come to an end.  

Like Father, Like Daughter rewards in Final Fantasy 16 

The Like Father, Like Daughter quest in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the quests that actually do give you a reward for completion. These rewards are mentioned below: 

  • 600 XP 
  • 500 Ability Points
  • 1000 Gil 
  • 45 Renown Points 
  • 1 Black Blood 
  • 1 Gil Bug 
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