Final Fantasy 13-2 Monster Materials Farming Guide

Looking to farm Monster Materials for your Final Fantasy 13-2 Monsters? Following are some of the best places to try out for Final Fantasy 13-2 Monster Materials Farming.

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Final Fantasy 13-2 Monster Materials Farming

Biological Materials

Bresha Ruins 005 AF (LEVEL 1)
Cait SIth 33%, Gremlin 33%, Garchimacera 33%, Svarog 40%, Uridimmu 5%

Sunleth Waterscape 300AF (LEVEL 2)
Ceratoraptor 33%, Flandit 30%, Ceratosaur 25%

The Archylte Steppe ? AF (Level 3)
Buccaboo, Buccaboo Ace 30%

Academia 400AF (LEVEL 3)
Ghoul 5%

A Dying World 700 AF (Level 3)
Garganzola 30%, Apotamkin 30%

The Archylte Steppe ? AF (LEVEL 4)
Hedge Frog 15%, Mud Frog 15%, Swamponk 20%, Caterchipillar 5%

The Archylte Steppe ? AF (LEVEL 5)
Moblin 15%, Microchu 30%

Grade 4-5
The best spot to grab the crystals is The Arcylte Steppe in the Clearwater Marshes, rainy weather. Frogs and caterchipillars have Potent essences as a common drop and microchu have potent crystels.


Bresha Ruins 005 AF (LEVEL 1)
Zwerg Scandroid 20%, Pulsework Knight 33%, Hoplite 40%

Augusta Tower 200 AF (LEVEL 2)
Orion 30%, Dragoon 30%

Augusta Tower 300 AF (LEVEL 3)
Flanitor 15%, Flanborg 25%

Bresha Ruins 300 AF (LEVEL 3)
Munchkin 15%

Academia 500 AF (LEVEL 4)
Yeoman 20%, Pantopoda 30%

The Archylte Steppe ? AF (LEVEL 5)
Vampire 20%

Grade 4
Look for the Yeoman and Pantopodas in Academa 500 AF and kill the monsters of Augusta Tower 200AF to grab potent boosters and monster materials.

Grade 5
Kill the vampires to grab potent generators, stormy weather – The Archylte Steppe ??? AF.

If you need to get potent essences or potent crystals, then you should search the Clearwater Marshes during rainy weather for frogs, caterchipillar, and Microchu.

You can also get potent boosters from Yeoman and Pantopoda at Academia 500 AF, as well as from Augusta Tower 200 AF.

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