FIFA And PES Graphics Comparison is an Interesting One to Watch

A new video put out by the Candyland YouTube channel goes into detail in a FIFA and PES graphics comparison, comparing and contrasting the graphics of FIFA 18 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, the two biggest soccer games on the market. Both will be coming out within the next few weeks.

From what we can tell from the video, it seems that each game has different advantages in what their graphics focus on. For instance, FIFA 18 appears to have better pitches, with better lighting, better crowds, and more saturated colors. The grass on the pitches in FIFA 18 is also better-detailed, actually having individual grass blades rather than the thick green carpet of astroturf that pitches in Pro Evolution Soccer have.

However, Pro Evolution Soccer’s players appear to be better graphics-wise, having better-proportioned faces, more realistically colored skin, and better facial work, meaning expressions look better and more realistic. The soccer balls in Pro Evolution Soccer also appear to look more detailed, with more panels on them.

The two soccer games are some of the biggest sports games on the market, and they’re fairly close rivals despite FIFA being the more popular of the two. While each has their fans that will likely buy and play that version of the game, regardless of what happens, FIFA normally has the advantage in these sorts of confrontations.

In addition to the graphical quality that Frostbite is capable of delivering, FIFA 2018 also has a larger number of football teams and clubs and leagues to play in. The game will also have a story mode coming along with it, a continuation of the Journey story mode that was in the previous FIFA game, FIFA 17.

Either way, you can find out for yourself through both the FIFA and PES graphics comparison video and the games themselves, when FIFA 18 comes out on September 29 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 releases today.