How To Transfer FIFA Points From FIFA 22 To FIFA 23

As is the case with most yearly releases, by the time a new one comes out players have some premium...

As is the case with most yearly releases, by the time a new one comes out players have some premium currency left in their old accounts which can’t seem to be used on the new game. Thankfully, FIFA 23 allows players the option to transfer their FIFA points from FIFA 22 to the new game, free of cost.

If you are wondering whether you will be able to use all the FIFA points you have left over from FIFA 22 in FIFA 23, allow us to explain how to not let your money go to waste.

Moving FIFA Points into FIFA 23 from FIFA 22

The moment you launch FIFA 23, you will be given a prompt on whether you want to transfer over your old FIFA 22 points to the new game. Simply choose yes and you will have your remaining points moved over.

Do keep in mind that this requires both your FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 licenses to be registered on the same EA account for the game to detect prior account data.

Another thing to note is that if you skip that first-time prompt, your points will go to waste. That prompt is the first and only chance you will have to move your remaining FIFA points over to FIFA 23.

Once the points have been transferred over, the FUT Store will show your updated balance and you are free to make any purchases you want without spending more money.

This process only transfers over the FIFA points and not your remaining player packs or cards. To use those, you will have to go play the old game.

Can you transfer FIFA Points from one account to another?

For now, you can only transfer your points from one console to the other console of the same family. As for transferring points from one account to another, FIFA does not allow transferring of points between different accounts.

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