FIFA 23 Controller Input Delay & Lag Fix

FIFA 23 is here as another annual installment in the popular franchise. Like before, you will want your controllers to...

FIFA 23 is here as another annual installment in the popular franchise. Like before, you will want your controllers to have the minimum input delay possible. This will give you an edge on the field, especially when playing online.

For those unaware, an input lag forces your inputs to be delayed, meaning that your players will react sluggishly on the field. This can be frustrating because you might be mashing your buttons to shoot in the heat of things, but the delay might give your opponent a chance to steal the ball away from you.

The following guide will point out a few ways to remove your controller input delay and lag in FIFA 23.

What is the controller input delay & Lag?

When a button on the controller is pressed, it takes a little bit of time for the action to happen on screen because the system needs a period (usually a few milliseconds) to process your input. This phenomenon is known as controller input delay.

All games have some amount of natural input delay, and you normally wouldn’t even feel it. However, if you have other applications running in the background, this input delay can increase causing your game’s response to your input to feel sluggish and unresponsive.

Lag on other hand refers to the stuttering that you might experience while playing the game. This may be caused due to hardware limitations or unoptimized game design. To fix lag, either try lowering your graphics settings or upgrading your hardware.

How to fix controller input delay in FIFA 23

Since the game is new, experiencing such errors is to be expected and as the devs roll out new updates to patch things up, such errors should be resolved in the near future.

However, we have found multiple ways in which we have seen success in resolving the problem.

Reboot your game

Rebooting your device can help resolve the encountered glitches and bugs since it allows the controller to reconnect to the device often fixing the lag issue.

Use Steam to run FIFA 23

Steam is the most compatible client for controllers. The platform has minimal lag times and supports multiple controller brands.

Enable your controller drivers to add FIFA 23 onto the Steam client. Next, open your Steam client and head to the Library. Select Add game and then choose Add a Non-Steam Game.

Find FIFA 23 and add it to the selected programs. Now open in Big Picture Mode. Head to the COG options and open the Controller Settings to enable PlayStation or Xbox configuration support.

This will allow you to play FIFA 23 through Steam and hopefully resolve the input lag.

Recharge your controllers

Often a low controller battery can result in output delay and lag. Fully charge your controllers to ensure that this is not the case.

Overclock your controllers

If the lag persists the last option available is to overclock your controller. There are countless applications available that allow you to adjust your controller’s settings. Try this option to see if the issue is resolved or not.

Change your controller brand

For some players, switching controllers can work to minimize their input delays. If you are playing FIFA 23 on a DualSense, try switching to an Xbox controller to notice any difference.

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