FIFA 22 DirectX Error, Game Activation Issue and Fixes

If you’re experiencing some glitches or errors in FIFA 22 and are looking for a quick way to fix them,...

If you’re experiencing some glitches or errors in FIFA 22 and are looking for a quick way to fix them, we’re here to help you out with this guide where we’ll be showing you how you can fix your FIFA 22 bugs, crashes and errors in the easiest way possible.

FIFA 22 Errors and Fixes

Since the release of FIFA 22, many players on the EA and Steam forums are reporting quite a few bugs and errors in the game. So below, we’ve listed down the fixes for the major errors that players have been complaining about on these forums.

DirectX Error Fix

The DirectX error seems to be a very popular one among players who use an Xbox controller to play the game. When it happens, the dialog box usually says something along the lines of:

“This error is usually caused by the graphics driver crashing; try installing the latest drivers.”

However, messing with your graphics drivers likely won’t do anything to solve this error.

To actually fix this problem, follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Store and download Xbox Accessories.
  • Plug in the controller and launch this app.
  • Update the controller through the app.

Once you’ve updated the controller, re-launch the game and you’ll never experience this pesky DirectX error again.

Analog Stick Error Fix

Another bug you might be experiencing when using an Xbox controller is the analog stick sending signals to the game even when you’re not moving it. This bug will break the game for you since your in-game cursor will keep moving around.

There are two ways to fix this bug:

The first way is to change to Steam Big Picture mode. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Launch Steam from the desktop shortcut.
  • Click View on the top-left corner and select Big Picture Mode.
  • Click on Library and select FIFA 22.
  • Click on Manage Games with the Gear Icon under your game.
  • From Steam Input, select Controller Options.
  • Click on the downward pointing arrow to expand the options for “Change the Steam Input Per-Game Settings”, select Forced On and hit OK.

The second way is to fix your Steam General Controller Settings. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Launch Steam.
  • Click Steam on the top-left corner and select Settings.
  • From the Setting menu, go to “Controller” near the bottom.
  • Click on General Controller Settings.
  • Depending on the type of controller you have, you can check PlayStation Configuration Support, Xbox Configuration Support, or the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support.
  • Press Ok to save changes, exit from the Window and launch the FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Crashes After Choosing Language

For some players, the game crashes right after they choose a language and it prevents them from getting past that screen.

If you’re one of those players, you’re in luck since there’s an extremely easy way to fix this error.

All you need to do is open Origin, go to settings and rename your Origin ID. After doing that, re-launch the game and choose your language. The game should now work fine.

Activation Required Error Fix

After you purchase the game on Steam and try to launch the game from your Origin account, you may encounter an error which says ‘Activation Required’.

The dialog box will ask you to enter your product code to activate the game, but since you purchased it on Steam, you won’t have any sort of code.

To get rid of this error, try the following fixes:

  • Make sure your Origin account is linked to your Steam account.
  • Restart your Origin client.
  • Log out and back in and use the email address rather than using your username. The email address has to be the one that you used to register the game.
  • Restart your router/modem.
  • Reinstall Origin client.