FIFA 22 Best Young Strikers (ST, CF) in Career Mode

Since there are a plethora of players to choose from, selecting the best talent for your team in the FIFA 22 Career Mode can get very confusing. This is why we’re here to help you out with this guide where we’ll be listing down the best young forwards that you can get in FIFA 22, specifically the ones that’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

FIFA 22 Young Strikers

As always, the career mode of FIFA 22 gives players full freedom to create their desired team in whatever manner they prefer. A talented team is needed to be able to progress continuously in career mode.

When you start out in the FIFA 22 career mode, you won’t have much money to play with, so you need to invest your money in the right places.

This is why you should go for up-and-coming younger talents. These young talents are relatively cheap, but don’t let their value fool you. They have immense potential and can rival even the best players in the football world once they gain enough experience.

Below, we’ve listed down some of the best Young Forwards that you can get in the game. For this table, use the following key:

  • PO- Position
  • OVR- Overall Rating
  • POT- Potential Rating
  • VA- Market Value

FIFA 22 Highest Ranked Best Young Strikers

Below are some of the highest-ranked young strikers in FIFA 22

Evanilson  73 83 CF €95.00.000
Fodé Fofana 64 84 ST €1.600.000
Jon Karrikaburu 66 84 ST €2.200.000
Antwoine Hackford 59 84 ST €700.000
Liam Delap  64 85 ST €1.900.000
Musa Juwara  67 85 ST €2.400.000
Fábio Silva  70 85 ST €3.700.000
Brian Brobbey 73 85 ST €7.500.000
Dušan Vlahović 78 85 ST €28.500.000
Amine Gouiri 79 85 ST €28.500.000
Myron Boadu 76 85 ST €16.500.000
Dane Scarlett  63 86 ST €1.500.000
Benjamin Šeško  68 86 ST €2.800.000
Santiago Giménez  73 86 CF €4.500.000
Jonathan David  79 86 ST €36.000.000
Alexander Isak  82 86 ST €45.000.000
Karim Adeyemi 73 86 ST €7.500.000
Adam Hložek  76 87 ST €16.000.000
Giacomo Raspadori: 74 88 ST €10.500.000
João Félix 83 91 CF €82.000.000
Erling 88 93 ST: €143.500.000

FIFA 22 Best Young STs

Luka Jovic 79 84 ST €27.000.000
Moise Kean 79 87 ST €39.500.000
Lautaro Martinez 85 89 ST €78.000.000
Victor Osimhen 81 89 ST €58.500.000
MBAPPE 91 95 ST €194.000.000

Kylian MBAPPE, Victor Osimhen, Moise Kean, Luka Jovic are good quality strikers with exceptional stats overall. They are quite strong on the field and can surprise by their performances.

MBAPPE and Martinez lead the table because of their superior overall stats, but Victor Osimhen Moise Kean and Luka Jovic are not bad at all.

Moreover, they are less expensive as compared to MBAPPE and Martinez. This is why you need to decide which player suits your budget the most by analyzing their costs.

FIFA 22 Best Young CFs

Diego Farias 73 73 CF €25.00.000
Reinier 71 84 CF €45.00.000
Facundo Farias 71 84 CF 7.000.000
Goncalo Ramos 72 86 CF 5.500.000

For the best young Center Forwards, we have carefully selected these players for you guys. They all have the potential to outclass anybody on the field.

With their young age, they are still developing and will reach their full potential to add more to the quality of their gameplay.