FIFA 21 Next-Gen Graphics Are Actually Worse Than FIFA 17

This might be an entirely new low for Electronic Arts. Though the company has been saying since the release of FIFA 21 that the next-gen graphics would look amazing, screenshots that have come out show that the so-called FIFA 21 next-gen graphics look far from amazing, and in fact worse than FIFA 17.

The accusations come from a FIFA fan who goes by MGH on Twitter, who brought up the two screenshots as a comparison on a post. The screenshots show each game in an identical area, the center of the playing field, and the differences are quite noticeable.

Most noticeable in particular is the field. While in the FIFA 17 screenshot the field is lush and green with grass colors that pop, FIFA 21’s field looks more like painted stone than any sort of grass. The various barriers between the field and the stands also are far less detailed, as is the mat that leads out of the stadium.

The FIFA 21 next-gen graphics definitely don’t look it, especially when EA has been claiming since FIFA 21 came out on current-gen consoles that the game would look astounding and show authenticity like never before. And of course, gamers aren’t happy, either.

This is only the latest blunder from EA with sports games, where there’s been a significant amount of criticism leveled at the lack of any new features in their sports titles. While that can be chalked up to the coronavirus pandemic essentially paralyzing the entire world, it also shows that the yearly release model is likely no longer sustainable.

While normally one would say that this is just an early build screenshot, the game released for next-gen consoles on December 4, four days ago. So if you were looking forward to FIFA 21 next-gen graphics on either the Xbox Series X or the Playstation 5, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there’s any new graphics at all. But you can still play the game on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5 if you still want to give EA your money.