FIFA 19 Player Ratings Explained, Here’s How They Work

Now that FIFA 19 is only two months away and fans are wondering what the ratings of players would be like. FIFA 19 player ratings aren’t done randomly rather there is a vast amount of work done for this job.

To be precise, 9000 reviewers, 300 data pools, and 35 categories are behind this task to rate 18,000 players.

The whole bunch of these components makes up for FIFA 19 player ratings. Michael Mueller-Moehring is said to be in charge of FIFA 19 player ratings. Micahel is the Head of Data Collection and Licensing at EA Sports for FIFA.

Michael puts together player ratings after gathering information from the network designed to this task. This network includes 9000 reviewers comprising of season-ticket holders and talent scouts who provide their view through EA’s central data pool.

From that point, 300 data editors organize the received reviews into 300 data pools.

These data pools then help in deciding the 35 player attributes. From here on more than 18,000 players are rated through this process.

Some players have had issues with their rating in the game due to the fact that when players recreated in the game it overshadows the data.

Back when Mueller-Moehring was discussing the matter of player rating on the launch of FIFA 17, he told:

If Messi were playing in the Irish League, his attributes would drop simply because he’s not on the highest level anymore,

Therefore FIFA 19 player ratings of low tier players are set with a limit within the level of the league they play in. Apart from the players rating various new features are expected in the upcoming title. Whether it is FIFA 19’s gameplay or the new items excitement for FIFA 19 is always at its peak.

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