Leaked FIFA 17 Gameplay Shows Free Kicks, Penalties and More

A leaked gameplay video from the EA Play event has shown off the FIFA 17 kicks that players will be able to pull off in the actual game.

FIFA 17 got a good bit of publicity at the EA Play event that was streamed live just before E3. Now the FIFA 17 kicks that you can do for penalty and free kicks have been shown off from a leaked gameplay video at the EA Play event.

FIFA 17 promises to be one of the more ambitious FIFA games that EA Sports has come out with, much like NBA 2K16, the most recent iteration of the NBA 2K games. NBA 2K16 was given a story mode penned by in/famous African-American filmmaker Spike Lee, but was heavily divisive to the public due to bad characters, bad writing, and a lack of any real player input.

The FIFA 17 kicks that were shown in the video are far more detailed than kicks in previous games. Players in FIFA 17 must be aware of how they work. If they don’t, they’ll end up kicking their penalty kicks off to the side, nowhere near the goal. Other kicks could land on the top beam of the goal, or bounce off in any other way.

FIFA 17 kicks can also now be used to outright select what player you’ll be kicking towards, instead of just choosing a direction and throwing it out at random for any player to catch.

And it’s not just FIFA 17 kicks that make the game hotly anticipated among gamers. The game also promises a new way to play FIFA’s career mode in the form of a story mode, called The Journey. In it, you control the player Alex Hunter as he makes his way up the ranks of the Premiere League. The mode will also include a dialogue wheel, something that was missing from other story modes like NBA 2K16.

Either way, FIFA 17 kicks won’t be the only thing that’s new in the game, but we’ll have to wait until the game comes out in September to see what all is there.

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