FIFA 13 Best Young Players Guide

We have prepared a list of some of the best young players you can recruit in FIFA 13 to make a great team without the expensive legends

The most obvious way to build the best team in FIFA 13 would be to buy established stars like Ronaldo and Messi. However, this may be hard to do because of budget and other limitations. This guide will let you know about the young players in FIFA 13 which you can acquire at cheaper price tags, and yet they still have the potential to be superstars.

You can buy these players cheaply and in time build your whole team/franchise around them. The players on this list will have skill and talent but most importantly youth on their side, which will allow them to grow even more.

1. Viktor Fischer

Viktor Fischer is an 18-year-old midfielder from Denmark who has an overall rating of 74 and a potential of 86. He primarily works on the right-hand side of the midfield but can also play behind the striker because of his impressive offensive skills. Within a few years, he can become one of the most lethal playmakers in the game, providing goal-scoring opportunities to your strikers on a silver platter.

2. Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw has an overall rating of 70 and a Potential of 80. He is one of the players in FIFA 13 well known for supreme pace and dribbling skills at a young age. These attributes make him lethal on the wings as he plays an attacking left-back on the pitch. Snapping this kid up may ensure you 15-20 years of exemplary service to your team.

3. Marc-Andre ter Stegen

This 20-year-old keeper can be the heart of your team. He has an overall rating of 80 which elevates to a ranking of around 88 as you play. This makes him one of the best goalkeepers in the game. Although his skills are a bit on the lower side, he still has the potential to be a team leader like Casillas and Buffon.

4. Allesio Crango

Allesio Crango is an 18-year-old keeper with tremendous reflexes and is not afraid to come forward out of his comfort zone when needed. He has a tremendous potential for growth also and can be bought very cheaply, but he is a solid investment into the future. He has an overall potential of 63 and a potential of 75.

5. Juan Manuel Iturbe

Juan Manuel Iturbe is a striker, but he is just as comfortable playing on the left wing. He is only 18 years old yet has the potential to have his final ranking at his peak to be somewhere in the late/high 80s. He has an overall rating of 74 and a potential of 88.

6. Lucas Piazon

This samba striker at 19 has superstar written all over his face. Not only is his finishing ability good, but he has excellent passing too, so you can work him in midfield should the need arise. He is a complete package when it comes to an offensive footballer and of course, his talents will only grow with his age. He has an overall rating of 73 and a potential of 85.

7. Danilo

Danilo de Silva is one of the best young players in FIFA 13 who plays for FC Porto. He is only 21 years old and can play efficiently both in the defense and the midfield. If nurtured rightly, the sky is the limit for this fellow. Danilo’s overall skills are ranked at 77 in the beginning so expect him to hit the mid-80s in a couple of years.

8. Danny Welbeck

Welbeck is a striker in Manchester United who has an overall rating of 79 and a potential of 84. He is supremely gifted as a support striker and finisher. He would be an asset to any team he walks into and given his situation, he can prove to be an easy buy.

9. Ouasim Bouy

Bouy comes from Holland and plays for Juventus in Italy. He is 19 years only and still is a midfield general on the pitch. He can grow into a player with an overall ranking well into the 80s quite easily. Pick him up as soon as possible.

10. Stevan Jovetic

He is a 22-year-old striker from Montenegro. This player possesses excellent ball control and dribbling skills, so he has no trouble firing his shot from clusters or crowded positions. He is already ranked 83 and under the right tutelage may even surpass Roberto Baggio.

11. Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere is a 20-year-old midfielder who plays for Arsenal. He may be injury-prone but is very talented too with a lot of room for even more improvement. He may not be a good header of the ball but he sure does know how to pass the ball. He has an overall rating of 82 and a potential of 89.

12. Iker Muinain

Muinain is a 19-year-old midfielder/winger playing for Athletic Bilbao. Although he is still 19, his skills are ranked at an overall average of 80. If you acquire him for your team, it would be a great addition.

13. Christian Eriksen

Eriksen is a 20 years old Danish footballer playing for Ajax on the club level. He is an attacking midfielder and compared to the likes of Sneijder and Rafael van der Vart. He is already ranked at 80, which gives him a very high potential so this makes him a surefire success for any team who purchases him.

14. Luiz Muriel

Muriel is a Colombian striker playing for the Italian club Udinese. He is only 21 years old and can prove to be a solid investment for your future. He has an overall rating of 78 and a potential of 86.

15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

The Ox as Arsenal fans refer him is a terror on the wings. He has an overall rating of 77 and a potential of 85. He is only 19 years old, but his pace rivals that of Walcott and maybe even Ronaldo in a few years.

16. Mario Balotelli/Neymar

The last two players on this list may be hard to get. They are young players in FIFA 13. However, they are already established footballers in their respective teams.

Balotelli, 22, still has room for improvement and this being a football simulation game instead of real life you will not have to deal with his off-field antics.

Neymar, 20, is already ranked at 85 which should tell you all you need to know about him. However, unlike any other players on this list, he will come with a heavy price tag.

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