FFXIV Online: ARR Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

FFXIV Online: ARR is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Square Enix for Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game was released on August 27, 2013 worldwide and received many positive reviews from the critics.

In case, you are new to the franchise; this guide will help by giving out detailed information about the basic game mechanics and strategies and aims on covering almost all aspects of the game. Still, if you find anything missing; do let us know in the Comment Section below and we’ll try to update it!

FFXIV Online: ARR Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How to choose your Race

Before we get into this; note that selecting your race has absolutely nothing to do with your starting location. It’s your class that is inter-connected with your starting location in the game.

Although there is a little difference between different stats of the characters during the start of the game but it gets minimal as you progress through the game. So basic thing you should take into consideration is the overall morphology of your character.

Character Attributes

A brief introduction of all the attributes at your character’s disposal are given below:

Strength (STR)
It will increase the damage done by the melee attacks.


Dexterity (DEX)
It will increase the damage on ranged attacks.

Vitality (VIT)
Increases maximum HP.

Intelligence (INT)
Increases attack magic.

Mind (MND)
Increases healing magic.

Piety (PIE)
Increases maximum MP.

It will allow you to take less damage from fire-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from ice-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from wind-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from earth-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from lightning-aspected attacks.

It will allow you to take less damage from water-aspected attacks.

It will improve your accuracy on all attacks.

Critical Hit Rate
Chances of a critical hit are increased.

It will allow you to do more damage and gain more HP by performing spells.

Attack Power
Damage dealt by attacks is increased.

Skill Speed
Re-cast time for certain weapons is greatly reduced.

Attack Magic Potency
Damage dealt by the spells is greatly increased.

Healing Magic Potency
Amount of HP received by performing spells is greatly increased.

Spell Speed
Cast and re-cast times of spells are greatly reduced.

You will receive less damage from your opponents.

Chances of attacks being parried are greatly increased.

Magic Defense
The damage done by spells is greatly minimized..

The damage caused by slashing attacks is greatly reduced.

The damage done by piercing attacks is reduced with this ability.

Blunt attacks damage is reduced with this ability.

Damage done by other players is reduced.

How to choose your Class

One of the biggest highlight of Final Fantasy Online: ARR is that it allows players to play with every single class.

Changing your class is easier than ever. However, you will have to unlock the particular class that you wish to opt for. Also note that the class you choose at the beginning of the game will determine your starting location. A quick breakdown of these location/class is below:

  • Ul’dah: Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge
  • Gridania: Archer, Conjurer, Lancer
  • Limsa Lominsa: Arcanist, Marauder

Another thing to note here is that in Final Fantasy Online: ARR; crafting and basic combat are two different classes and you will have to level up both of these individually. And just like the combat system, crafting is also area specific:

  • Ul’dah: Alchemists Guild, Goldsmiths Guild, Weavers Guild, Miners Guild
  • Gridania: Carpentry Guild, Leatherworking Guild, Botanists Guild
  • Limsa Lominsa: Armorsmith Guild, Blacksmiths Guild, Culinarians (Cooking) Guild, Fishing Guild

Disciples of Hand

  • Carpenter
  • Blacksmith
  • Armorer
  • Goldsmith
  • Leather-worker
  • Weaver
  • Al-chemist
  • Culinarian

Disciples of Land

  • Miner
  • Botanist
  • Fisher

Disciples of War

  • Archer
  • Gladiator
  • Lancer
  • Marauder
  • Pugilist

Disciples of Magic

  • Conjurer
  • Arcanist
  • Thaumaturge

You will also be rewarded with a bonus class each time you will level up to ensure that you are not facing too much of a hassle in the leveling up your new class.These rewards are basically XP which will help you level up fast.


In Final Fantasy Online: ARR; Jobs are unlocked by leveling up in other classes in the game. You can take the example of Paladin which can unlocked by level 30 Gladiator and level 15 Conjurer.

Another thing to note here is that while leveling up your alternative class, your base class also get upgraded. For instance, if you level up your Gladiator to level 30 and unlock Paladin and then reach level 31 with Gladiator, your Paladin will also reach level 31 and vice versa.

A quick breakdown of all the classes with their corresponding requirements are listed below:

Starts with Gladiator and requires Level 30 Gladiator and Level 15 Conjurer.

Starts from Pugilist and requires Level 30 Pugilist and Level 15 Lancer.

Starts from Marauder and requires Level 30 Marauder and Level 15 Gladiator.

This job starts from Lancer and requires Level 30 Lancer and Level 15 Marauder.

This job starts from Archer and requires Level 30 Archer and Level 15 Pugilist.

White Mage
This job starts from Conjurer and requires Level 30 Conjurer and Level 15 Arcanist.

Black Mage
It starts from Thaumaturge and requires Level 30 Thaumaturge and Level 15 Archer.

This job starts from Arcanist and requires your Level 30 Arcanist and Level 15 Conjurer.

To unlock this, you will must have Level 30 Arcanist and Level 15 Thaumaturge.

Jobs can be unlocked by speaking to the Guildmaster and after fulfilling its demand. These jobs are equipped by the characters by ‘Soul Gems’ which can be returned anytime to revert back to your normal class.

What is The Armory

If you’re new to the game an been wondering how your keep all your items; The Armory or The Armory Chest is your best bet. The Armory keeps the items and weapons of all of your characters.

The Armory can be accessed anytime via your user-interface in the game. You will then see the number of items at your character’s disposal in different tabs in the Armory.

Another thing to note here is that after you unlock your second class, you are provided with the Gear Set. With the help of Gearbox, you would be able to allot a certain weapon set for a class and then save it. So that when you switch your class, you will have the access to your gear anytime.

Cross-Class Skill Sets

In Final Fantasy Online: ARR; the cross-class system let’s you use a particular skill on more then one class. However, Square Enix thought of this as a good idea to pose some restrictions on them. Read below to know what are those restrictions:

  • Traits can never be used as cross-class skills.
  • You must unlock a cross-class skill on the originating class in order to use it on the other classes.
  • A skill which has been ameliorated by a certain trait will only be able to get used in the basic form and not in the enhanced version.
  • In case, you have more than one class unlocked; you will gain one extra slot for 10 levels meaning that after leveling up from 1 to 9; you will get an extra slot.
  • As for the Jobs, these can only use skills from some certain classes. A quick breakdown of the Jobs and the classes from whom they can use the skills are listed below:

Bard: Archer, Pugilist, Lancer
Paladin: Gladiator, Conjurer, Marauder
Dragoon: Lancer, Marauder, Archer
Warrior: Marauder, Gladiator, Pugilist
Monk: Pugilist, Gladiator, Lancer
Summoner: Arcanist, Thaumaturge, unknown
Scholar: Arcanist, Conjurer, unknown
White Mage: Conjurer, Thaumaturge, Arcanist
Black Mage: Thaumaturge, Arcanist, Archer

The cross-class skills come in very handy while playing the actual game. And you should definitely check them out as these can get you out from tight spots.

Aetheryte Traveling System

After the tutorial in the Aetheryte Plaza, you will be awarded with the ‘Return’ ability which can be used to get you back to your home base. The cooldown time for ‘Return’ is about 15 minutes which is not that long.

Another ability that you will receive is the ‘Teleport’ ability which doesn’t require any cooldown time but Gil.

As for the Aetheryte Crystal in each of the three main cities of the world. And in addition to it, there are several Aethernet Shard within these cities which can be used to travel to any Aetheryte Crystal that you have unlocked. Using this ability saves a lot of your time from running to different areas.

What are Mounts

You will get the ability to receive Mounts after reaching level 20 with your class. Mounts not only serve as a mean of faster transportation but they will also assist you during the combat.

In order to unlock your first Mount (Chocobo) you will have to complete the storyline quest, ‘The Company You Keep’. After doing that, you will be asked to choose a Grand Company and complete the ‘My Little Chocobo’ quest to get your first Chocobo. Note that all of the Grand Companies will have the same titled quest.

Note: There are a total seven type of Mounts in the game. And the Mounts can be equipped with different types of armor.

You would also be able to rent Mounts from NPCs outside the city but you will have to pay them with Gin and they will also be slower than your own Mounts.

Note: A special Mount by the name of Coeurl comes with the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy Online: A Realm Reborn.

Grand Companies

There are a total of three Grand Companies to choose from and in case you don’t know; they are basically NPC factions in the game. All the Grand Companies in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn are listed below:

The Maelstrom

  • Location: Limsa Lominsa
  • NPC: First Storm Lieutenant Guincum
  • How to Access: It can be accessed from Limsa Lominsa situated at the Southern Islands.

The Order of the Twin Adder

  • Location: Gridania
  • NPC: First Serpent Lieutenant Fulke
  • How to Access: From the Entrance of Lotus Gardens.

The Immortal Flames

  • Location: Ul’dah
  • NPC: First Flame Lieutenant Aubrey
  • How to Access: From the Dunes Entrance at Ul’dah Merchant Strip.

Note: Unlike your class/location inter-connection, you are free to join any Grand Company you would like regardless of your class and location.

In order to join a Grand Company, you will need level 22 in either Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic. Also note that you will only be able to join only one Grand Company at a given time. If you choose to do the otherwise, all the ties from the previous Grand Company are removed.

The Grand Companies in the game impacts many other things as well. Such as:

  • Mount Quest (though the same quest is available to all factions)
  • Getting Mount Armor.
  • Start a new guild.
  • Sanctioning Gear.
  • More Crafting Missions.
  • Extra Gathering Missions.
  • Extra Grand Missions.
  • Getting Gear specified for a certain Grand Company.
  • A separate Hunting Log of your Grand Company.
  • Aetherpass.
  • F.A.T.E.s will generate extra bonuses.

How Free Companies and Linkshells Work

In Final Fantasy Online: ARR; a Linkshell is a kind of socializing group. There are certain things which I think you should know before building your own Linkshell:

  • Linkshell can be created at any level in the three main cities of the world.
  • Linkshell Pearl is no longer required in this game.
  • At any given time, you can be a part of 8 Linkshells.
  • The different ranks in the Linkshell are Master, Leader, and Basic.

Free Company
In simple words, we can say that a Free Company is kind of Guild in Final Fantasy Online: ARR. The things to keep in mind while going for a Free Company are:

  • Level 25 is required in order to start a Free Company.
  • It is a must to speak to the Administrator of your current Grand Company.
  • Along with the signatures of three members, it takes about 15,000 Gil to set up a Free Company.
  • At any given time, you can be in only one Free Company.
  • Grand Companies put no restrictions on the Free Companies you choose to opt for.
  • Ranks in the Free Company are set up the Master of the company.

The Hunting Log

One of the most significant and easy way to level up in this game is by completing the Hunting Log challenges. The Hunting Log is a list of creatures that you would be required to kill in order to gain additional XP and level up in your classes.

Hunting Log can be used to level up individual classes. Suppose that you on level 10 on a certain class and then switch to a new class for which you have level 3; your Hunting Log will also change and show level 3.

The targets that you will need to kill in the world will have a icon on their heads which will disappear after you have completed the designated task of killing them.

What are F.A.T.E.s

F.A.T.E. stands for Full Active Time Events. When a F.A.T.E is initiated, a message is sent to all the members in the zone. Note that anyone in the zone can join the event but rewards depend upon your current level.

As I have mentioned in my other guides, there are roughly about 5-7 F.A.T.E.s in a particular area.

Note: Some F.A.T.E.s will also allow you to have NPC along with you.

What are Guildhests

There are a total of about 10 Guildhests in this game with the first one unlocking at level 10 and then each one unlocking 5 levels later. The Guildhests reward players with some amazing rewards so it is certainly a good idea to give them a shot.

Note: Guildhests are normally award more rewards than the Levequests and usually include defeating a mob boss, clearing out an instance, or defeat enemy NPC area. We have compiled a list of available Guildhests in the game:

  • Level 10: Basic Training: Enemy Parties
  • Level 10: Under The Armor
  • Level 15: Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds
  • Level 15: Hero on the Halfshell
  • Level 20: All’s Well that Ends in the Well
  • Level 20: Flicking Sticks and Taking Names
  • Level 25: Pulling Poison Posies
  • Level 25: Stinging Back
  • Level 30: More than a Feeler
  • Level 30: Annoy the Void


In Guildleves, players are provided with a special character to complete a specific quest. The Levequests can be accessed via the Journal.

Note: There are a total of four types of Levequests in the game and those are; Local, Regional, Faction, and Grand Company.

Out of these four; Local, Regional, and Faction can be done either Solo or with full party while the Grand Company ones must be completed while playing alone. Another thing to keep in mind here is that you must return to Guildleve in order to claim your awards for completing the Levequests.

Note: Rewards for completing the Guildleves include XP, certain items, and Gil. Grand Company Levequests will also reward you with Grand Company tokens.

What are The Primals

The Primals are the creatures that are worshiped by the tribes. Some of the Primals you would recognize are; Ifrit, Odin, Bahamut, and Titan. Unlike in previous games, the Primals won’t be at your side. Instead, they will be against you.

The Primals are not easily spotted and you won’t find them lurking around the world with the exception of Odin. As of now, we’re aware of only 7 Primals that are the part of certain quests, Dungeons, and Raids.


There are a total of 7 storyline related Dungeons in Final Fantasy Online: A Realm Reborn. These Dungeons are:


  • Level Required: Level 15
  • How to Access: Located in La Noscea

Tam Tara Deepcroft

  • Level Required: Level 16
  • How to Access: Located in Central Shroud in Gridania

Copperbell Mines

  • Level Required: Level 17
  • How to Access: Located in Western Thanalan in Camp Horizon


  • Level Required: Level 20
  • How to Access: Located in Eastern Thanalan in Ul’dah

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

  • Level Required: Level 23
  • How to Access: Located in South Shroud in Gridania

Haukke Manor

  • Level Required: Level 29
  • How to Access: Located in Central Shroud in Gridania

Brayflox Longstop

  • Level Required: Level 32
  • How to Access: Located in Eastern La Noscea in Wineport

General Dungeons and Raids

In this game, there are a total of four types of Dungeons; a 4-person Dungeon, a 8-person Raid, a 8-person Primal Raid, and a 24-person Raid. The threat factor is determined by the name ‘Enmity’. While playing with a party, you will notice a small bar on the left side of your character’s head. This is enmity bar and how much each player is exposed to the incoming threat.

Along with the character specific threat meters, there is a section called as ‘Encounter Enmity’ that refers to all the mobs in the encounter and their threat level to your character. And unlike the individual threat meters, Encounter Enmity changes color based on the threat level against your character.

  • Green: Low Enmity
  • Yellow: Some Enmity
  • Orange: High Enmity
  • Red: Maximum Enmity

Limit Break

The first thing you should know about the Limit Break is that it can’t be used until you have a party of at least 4 people. Every class in the game has the Limit Break ability but what exactly fills this bar up is unknown. The in-game description of Limit Break reads, “Playing Well”. As far as I can tell, damage done by your party members and you fill the bar up but there were some instances when I have seen it fill up when the party takes some damage. So we can only guess!

You should also keep in mind that each player in the party has the Limit Break option available to him/her and while the whole party works to get this bar filled up, it can be used by anyone and will drain it! So make sure to use it well.

The effect of Limit Break depend upon which class is using it. As of now, I’m aware of only four effects of Limit Break ability and those are:

  • Tank: The defense of your teammates is increased by a shield surrounding them. For example, Warriors and Paladins.
  • Melee: The overall damage of the party is enhanced against the targeted enemy. For example, Lancers and Pugilists.
  • Caster: The damage is enhanced within the radius of the attack. For example, Summoners and Thaumaturge.
  • Healer: This grants HP to all members of the party. For example, Arcanist and White Mage.

What is The Inn and Rested EXP

The ability to rent a room in the Inn becomes available at level 10 after completing a quest which will become available at the Inn. After getting in the Inn, your character will automatically start to gather Rested XP which will also happen whether you are offline. You will then receive bonus XP for tasks like crafting, combat, and quests.

You will also be provided with a separate wardrobe for storing items other than The Armoury. However, there are some conditions which must be fulfilled in order to store items in Armoire of the Inn:

  • No damage items can be stored.
  • No two items of the same name can be stored.
  • An item with a spiritbound value will be reverted back to zero when put in the Armoire.

Along with all these things, you would also find a book titled, ‘The Unending Journey’ which will allow you to play any main storyline quests with your character. Along with that, it will also display a list of quests that have been completed.

That’s pretty much all we have on the beginner’s guide of Final Fantasy Online: A Realm Reborn. If you found anything missing, comment below to let us know.

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