FFXIV Online: ARR Sastasha Dungeon Guide

The Sastasha dungeon is the first dungeon in FFXIV: ARR. It is a very easy dungeon and its emphasis is to teach new MMO players how to handle dungeons successfully in an easy manner.

In this guide we’ll be teaching you all the basics of how to go about this dungeon.

The dungeon is a level 15-17 dungeon. Keep in mind that the dungeon has a slight requirement that you have to be on the ‘It’s probably pirates’ step of the level 15 storyline to actually gain access to Sastasha.

If any player has exceeded the level requirement of 15-17 they will be synced down to level 17 so they may enter the dungeon.

Sync is basically a design in FFXIV: ARR which reduces the level of your character according to dungeon requirements so you may complete them. This dungeon, along with any other dungeon in FFXIV: ARR has a time limit, which is 90 minutes which is more than enough to complete the dungeon.

FFXIV Online: ARR Sastasha Dungeon

Location: In La Noscea in the regions near Limsa Lominsa.


The dungeon requires a light party, which is a party consisting of 4 members; 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 DPS classes.

To reach the dungeon, go towards western La Noscea where you will use Limsa Athernet crystals to travel to Fisherman’s bottom area where you will take a ferry towards Aleport.

As you reach Aleport, simply head north to find the entrance into the dungeon and speak with D’perjha who will be standing outside of the dungeon to enter it.

Upper Sastasha

As you enter Sastasha, you will notice that the dungeon is very well designed, filled with gorgeous illuminated caverns. You’re going to encounter a lot of creatures as you go through this dungeon so best be on your guard.

Early on, you’ll also find a memo which says ‘The Captain Prefers Red Wine’.

As you dwell through the upper caves, you will encounter a lot of Giant Clams. Giant Clams keep spawning shade seekers to guard them and can’t hit unless their shell is open so you’ll need a bit of timing to dispose of them but it won’t be a difficult task if your DPS keeps his focus on the Clam.

It is generally advised to take a look around the caves as there any many treasure chests hidden among the area.

After a while of exploring you’ll come across a room with three coral triggers of three colors; red, blue, and green. Remember the mysterious memo you received early on?

The color stated in that memo will be of use here, in our memo we had the color red so we’ll hit the red coral. If you hit the incorrect coral you will be poisoned.

As you activate the door, you will encounter your first boss of this dungeon, the Chopper. It’s a pretty easy and straightforward fight; just keep in mind that he has a ground targeted AOE attack which is indicated by a red circle on the ground. So make sure to dodge it!

As you defeat bosses like chopper, you’re given loot in the form of chests containing items. These items are quite good so make sure to check them out!

Lower Sastasha

After defeating Chopper; move forward, you’ll find yourself inside a series of caves which pirates generally use as a storage area. These caves will lead you down to a harbor where pirate ships dock.

From this point onwards, the mobs you encounter will be pirates. Mostly, these will be along your path but they will also be in the side rooms. While going into the side rooms is not required, it is recommended that you go in there as these contain chests with loot.

Pirate Captain Madison
As you’re going through the dungeon, you will encounter another boss, Pirate Captain Madison. You will fight him two times and he will run away both times before you could actually take him out but he will leave a chest of loot behind as he dashes through the dungeon.

The first time you face him will be really easy as he will come along with only two other crew members who you can easily take out and then focus on Madison.

The second time will be fairly similar, but this time when you bring him down to 25% HP, he will unleash a whole pack of guard dogs on you. You will need to DPS them down fast and return your focus to Captain Madison when done.

Denn the Orcatoothed
Eventually you’re going to run into the final boss of this dungeon, Denn the Orcatoothed who comes in just as you encounter Captain Madison for the third time and takes him out by himself.

After this you will fight Denn himself. Defeating Denn is fairly simple, the tank pulls him in and faces him away from the party while the DPS class yields the damage and the healer does his job.

Keep in mind that when the bubbling starts in any of the 4 areas which have bubbling water, it is better that any designated party member go and interact with them so that the adds do not spawn and you don’t have to deal with them.

Other than this, the fight is fairly simple, when you’ve defeated Denn he will drop an item chest which will generally have really good loot.

Doing this successfully will bring your first dungeon experience to an end!

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