Fatshark Games Announces Vermintide 2 DLC, Return To Ubersreik, Return To Where It All Began

Fatshark Games has announced a new Vermintide 2 DLC called Vermintide 2: Return to Ubersreik, so players can return to where it all began.

Fatshark Games, the creators of the Warhammer Fantasy Vermintide games, have announced the most recent Vermintide 2 DLC, entitled Vermintide 2: Return To Ubersreik. The pack will have three remastered maps from the original Vermintide game, though we don’t know much more about it than that for the time being.

Gamers who played through the first Vermintide are likely more than a little familiar with Ubersreik, which formed the setting of the original game when it fell under attack by the Skaven of Clan Fester. Subsequent DLC also took players to areas surrounding Ubersreik, whether it’s the former necromancer stronghold of Castle Drachenfels, the River Reik, or the dwarven city of Karak Azgaraz.

Vermintide 2: Return to Ubersreik is the second of the Vermintide 2 DLC packs, with the first one being Shadows Over Bogenhafen, where players had to enter the titular city to destroy the Blightreaper, a Chaos-corrupted sword that is wanted by the Rotblood Chaos Warband that’s allied with Clan Fester.

What makes the Vermintide 2 DLC even more interesting, however, is the circumstances behind the DLC. In a free update that was released for the first Vermintide before Vermintide 2 released, the heroes were attacked in their hidden base by the Skaven before being captured by the Skaven, leaving to the city’s fall. So one has to ask, why is Ubersreik almost entirely unscathed? We’ll have to wait until the DLC’s release to find out.

So far, Fatshark is playing coy with fans, only showing off one level that we’ll be able to play in the DLC, in this case the Horn of Magnus, the first level of the original game. In that level, players had to reach the top of the Magnus Tower and blow the titular horn, in order to warn the city guard and the surrounding countryside of Clan Fester’s invasion.

Fatshark will probably reveal the release date closer to the Vermintide 2 DLC’s release.

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