How to Repair Buildings in Farthest Frontier

Due to harsh weather conditions, attacks from animals and raiders and other incidents, the buildings in Farthest Frontier become weary at times and need repairing and maintenance. In this guide, we are going to tell you how you can repair buildings in Farthest Frontier.

How To Repair Buildings In Farthest Frontier

The core part of Farthest Frontier is buildings and shelters. From making simple houses to making markets and stuff, you are always placing buildings all around the land. The way you decide the placement of the buildings determines the beauty of your village. Building upgradation is also needed from time to time to increase the desirability of your village and the lifestyle of the villagers.

Sometimes the maintenance of a building becomes very necessary because of crucial atmospheric conditions. So one needs to repair them before they fall off and become nothing but trash and scrap.

To repair a building you need exactly the same resources as if you are constructing it from scratch. Also, you will need idle workers that can instantly start working on the maintenance.

Once you have enough resources, click on the building and select repair. The workers will automatically start taking care of it.

By repairing a building, you actually increase the structural integrity. And if in any case, you don’t repair it in time or there are no workers available, the structural integrity comes down to zero. Then the building becomes nothing but trash. It is no longer able to function and after some time the building falls off by itself. You need to reconstruct it then.

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