Farming Simulator 19 Fertilizer Guide

In our Farming Simulator 19 Crops Protection & Fertilization Guide, we have detailed everything about protecting your crops from weeds and fertilizing them.

In Farming Simulator 19, just like in real life, fertilizers play an important role. We all know that fertilizers are used to increase soil fertility, resulting in increased yield. However, using the fertilizers correctly and at the right frequency is also very important. You can’t just go spraying fertilizers as you wish.

In this guide, we will discuss how fertilizers work in FS19 and what their different types are.

How Fertilizers Work in Farming Simulator 19

Fertilization is a procedure of providing the nutrients to your crops by artificial means. There are nutrients present in the soil that help in the normal growth of the crop. Fertilization is a means to speed up that growth and increase the amount of crop that is obtained from a single harvest.

Fertilizers are given to crops once or twice per harvest. It is preferred to give the first cycle of fertilizer at the time of seeding and the second cycle when the crops begin to sprout. Grass, however, is fertilized only once per harvest.

To fill the tractor with fertilizer, you must bring the relevant spreader near the pallet and then just open the cover. If there isn’t any other form of fertilizer already present in the spreader, then it will start to fill. Otherwise, it will not.

For 100% Fertilization, spread lime every 3rd harvest. Lime is a product bought as a pallet similar to fertilizers at the shop or at the Lime Stations and can be filled into the spreader the same way. Use fertilizers 2 times every harvest and spray the weeds before harvest.


Spring is the best season to fertilize your crop for maximum results.

Fertilizer Types in Farming Simulator 19

We shall look into the different types of fertilizers that can be given to the crops for maximum efficiency.

Solid Fertilizers

Solid Fertilizers are the simplest form of fertilizer. It is cheap to get and, hence, used at the beginning of the game. This fertilizer is spread in the crop via a spreader. Any other machine is not efficient for this fertilizer.

Liquid Fertilizers

A liquid version of the fertilizer is available in the ‘Pallets’ section of the game. This fertilizer is spread across the crop using a Sprayer.


Slurry is a by-product produced by cows and pigs. It is stored in an underground tank. Provide cows and Pigs with water and they will produce slurry. Use slurry as a fertilizer by attaching a slurry tank to your tractor to fertilize the soil.


Manure is another by-product of cows and pigs. This is stored in the ‘manure pit’ of the pasture. Straw bedding is given with water to cows and pigs to produce manure. A Manure Spreader is needed to fertilize the soil with manure.


Digestate is a by-product obtained when manure is sold to a biogas plant. It can used as fertilizer similar to slurry using a Slurry Spreader.

Catch Crops

This is another method of growing crops in fertilized soil. Oilseed Raddish leaves behind fertilized land after harvest. Cultivate the land afterward and plant your crops there. It is smart to plant crops in those lands to obtain stage 1 fertilization for your crops.


Manure, Slurry, and Digestate are the cheapest fertilizers as they are by-products of your animals.

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