Far Cry New Dawn Dear Photograph Locations Guide

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph Locations Guide will help you capture all 10 Dear Photographs across the Hope County that shows before and after of Montana.

There is a bunch of collectibles in Far Cry New Dawn despite the world being a barren wasteland after the events of the previous installment. To get the Trophy/Achievement and earn those valuable Perk Points, you will need to embark on a journey to align nine FCND Photographs to their real-life locations. In our Far Cry New Dawn Collectibles Guide below, we have detailed instructions on how to exactly achieve that.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph Locations

All FC New Dawn Photographs are associated with one Ability Point or Perk Point each. Furthermore, matching all the nine pictures correctly with their physical counterpart will get you the “Before” and “In the Past” Trophies/Achievements.

Lastly, in the process, you will also complete “A Thousand Words” Side Mission.

For each of the photographs, you need to head to their individual locations. Once there, discover a yellow mat with a camera on it and stand on the mat in the direction the camera faces.

Bring up the respective photo by holding the “up” directional key of the controller and then align it with the physical landmark or location correctly until a “flashing” indicator appears on the screen for a brief moment. You will then receive the Perk Point.

All the locations in the photographs are locations from Far Cry 5 that you most likely will have visited. It is striking to see the difference between both variations of the location as reduced by the Nuclear Bomb.

Obtaining A Thousand Words Mission

To begin this side quest for scouting out the locations for the Far Cry New Dawn Photographs, you will first need to head to your starting home base, Prosperity.

Bring up your map and you will see a blue marker on it indicating the location of where you can interact with the object to begin your quest.

If you cannot see one, keep progressing the story up to a point where the mission becomes available. The exact location that you are aiming for is Tracey’s Shoebox that lies next to a piano upstairs (top floor) in the main building of Prosperity.

Interact with the box and you will add all the nine photos to your collection and being your journey of heading to the real-life locations depicted in the pictures.

Unlock all Photos on your map

If you have the level 2 Cartography skill, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase a map from your homebase, that highlights all picture points on the map, from where you can head on over to all the places you missed and get those shots.

Dear Photo #1
Right outside of Prosperity base, towards the left corner, you will be matching the photo with what is become of John Seed’s Ranch now.

Dear Photo #2
At Rye & Daughter Aviation, the location is nearby where you acquire the quest “Jerome Comes Home” for meeting with Pastor Jerome. Bring up the photo and align it with Nick Rye’s house.

Dear Photo #3
Heading east of the Chop Shop Outpost, there is a leaning tower with a fan atop it that used to be a water tower in Far Cry 5 at Fall’s End. Align the photo with this slanted tower.

Dear Photo #4
At the Refinery Outpost, you will be looking at and matching what seems like a destroyed Grain Elevator that was described as a part of the Holland Valley.

Dear Photo #5
To the east of the Pantry Outpost, descend the elevated landscape/hill from the broken Bridge of Tears. Keep moving down until you reach the yellow mat with the camera beside the river.

Stand in front of the camera unlike on the previous occasions and match the photograph with the broken bridge.

Dear Photo #6
At the Pantry Outpost, align the Gardenview Orchards in the photo with that of the settlement that lies directly ahead of the fallen red apple sign.

Dear Photo #7
East of Empty Garden Outpost lies Sharky’s Chateau Boshaw Outpost. Make your way there. Just up on a short hill, you can find the mat and the camera that overlooks the Geothermal Compound including the tower there.

Dear Photo #8
In the sunken compound south of New Edge, you will see a barely standing Joseph’s Church of Eden. Align the photo with this church.

Dear Photo #9
The last camera is situated north of New Edge of what used to be Joseph’s Sanctuary in Far Cry 5. Here, move down the rocky cliff and onto the platform where the camera lies.

Then align the photograph of the dam with some trees and empty space in the direction the same as that in which the camera faces.

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