Far Cry New Dawn Circuit Boards Farming Guide

Far Cry New Dawn Circuit Boards are needed to craft the best weapons in the game. In FCND, you can farm Circuit Boards by Hunting and Expeditions.

In Far Cry New Dawn, you may find it hard to craft high-tier weaponry due to the scarcity of some required materials. Below in our Far Cry New Dawn Circuit Boards Farming Guide, we talk about obtaining Circuit Boards for crafting powerful weapons, and the best ways to go for it.

Far Cry New Dawn Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards are one of the components when it comes to crafting high-tier (Epic and Elite level) weaponry. This is especially useful for taking down powerful and high-level highway patrolmen and foes.

Circuit Boards are required to make nearly any Third or Elite Tier weapon, as well as a variety of other manufacturing materials.

How to Get Circuit Boards

There seem to be three ways of acquiring Circuit Boards in Far Cry New Dawn


The most consistent method to earn Circuits Boards in FC New Dawn is to take up Expeditions. These quests can be triggered by heading to your home base, Prosperity and interacting with the NPC there named Roger Cadoret.

These tasks carry a difficulty level that you can choose from. Needless to say, the higher the difficulty you go for, the greater the amount of Circuit Boards you can secure on these Expeditions.

These tasks focus primarily on retrieving a package and bringing it back via a chopper or on foot. Here you might need to deal with some cultists and highwaymen but stealth is always recommended for an easier journey.

Depending upon the difficulty level chosen, you can gather up to 25 Circuit Boards per Expedition you embark on. The complete breakdown is listed below:

  • 0 Star Expedition: 15 Circuit Boards
  • 1 Star Expedition: 20 Circuit Boards
  • 2 Star Expedition: 25 Circuit Boards
  • 3 Star Expedition: 25 Circuit Boards

Expeditions are also encouraged because they earn you other useful items needed for weapon crafting and upgrades as well like Titanium Rods so it’s always a good idea to complete some tasks for the team.

Circuit Board Farming

A way to earn circuit boards quickly is by replaying the Navajo Bridge Expedition. This Expedition is the fastest way to get more circuit boards in Far Cry New Dawn.


This is an alternative method of acquiring Circuit Boards for crafting your desired weapon. Your job would be to track two legendary beasts: Monstrous Bison and Monstrous Cougar.

The former can be found in the northwest of the Refinery Outpost while the latter can be tracked by heading to the hills north of Prosperity.

You can track their exact location by purchasing the maps for their location from level 2 Cartographer. Now all you’ll have to do is to pack some good hunting gear along with the suitable Guns for Hire companion,

The Judge who’ll aid you in the hunt. Once you’ve successfully hunted down the animals, you can trade their pelts at a workstation in Prosperity or any other liberated outpost. You’ll get 10 Circuit Boards for each pelt you trade in.

Far Cry Credits

This method of getting circuit boards in FC New Dawn is one that requires the least effort, at least physically. If investing in micro-transactions is your thing, then you can spend the in-game currency, Far Cry Credits to purchase a bundle of materials that will have a set amount Circuit Boards among the components.

Do note that you can also acquire Far Cry Credits by looting the Treasure Stashes around the world of Far Cry New Dawn.

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