Far Cry New Dawn Animal Locations Guide – Master Skinner Trophy

Far Cry New Dawn Animal Locations Guide will help you learn all about finding all types of animals in FCND alongside finding Monstrous Animals.

The Master Skinner Trophy/Achievement is one of the most notable Achievements you can earn when playing Far Cry New Dawn. Finding and skinning at least one of each Skinnable Animal in the game gets you this Trophy/Achievement.

This does not include Birds, Ducks, Fish, Turkeys, Sheep, Goats, Hens, Roosters or any animal that you do not find on this list.

Far Cry New Dawn Animal Locations

You are going to have to put your hunting skills to the test as you go out and search around the map for them. You can only buy these hunting ground maps once you unlock the Cartography Center.

1. Cattle
You can find Bulls outside of The Pantry Outpost, slightly to the east. Going out of the main exit and across the field will lead you to the prized animal.

Cattle locations on the map such as the Old Fang Farm are also common areas for bulls to roam along with cows. Using a Tier 2 Sniper Rifle should do the trick.

2. Hare
Hares have the highest chance of spawning in grassy areas during Expedition “I.S.S, Crash Site”.

Otherwise, they can show up anywhere on the map but they are very fast runners so we would recommend you tag them with your binoculars if they go too far away. Using a bow to kill them before they spot you should work just fine.

3. Shark
You should obviously search for Sharks in the ocean and they are some of the toughest prey to catch in the game.

Start the Expedition H.M.S. MacCoubrey and you can find them swimming in the water around the big ship. Attract the shark by diving in then immediately climb out and start shooting at it. After it has been killed, dive in to loot and skin it.

4. Skunk
While playing the Alcatraz Island mission, you can find a rare skunk within one of the yellow-barred cells. It spawns in a different cell each time so be sure to check them all. If it is not there, simply restart the Expedition.

However, be sure to finish the Expedition as quitting after skinning it will not save it in your inventory.

5. Crocodile
You can find a ton of swamp crocodiles in the Government Plane Wreck Expedition. Simply keep your distance and shoot them but be sure to finish the Expedition or else their skins will not be saved in your inventory.

6. Rattlesnakes
This can be found at the entrance of the Treasure Hunt cave. They are pretty easy to kill but keep your distance. They can also found in the grass where they are harder to spot so just keep your ears open for a hissing sound.

7. Deer
These are pretty common and can be found in every region. They mostly hang around the forest areas of the Whitetail Mountains and Holland valley. Just kill them with a bow and arrow.

8. Pronghorn
These are also pretty rare since they look very similar to deer. In the game, the pronghorn looks like a slightly smaller deer with brown fur, dark markings and 2 single-point dark colored horns versus the multi-pointed beige horns of the deer.

Finding them is difficult but you might be able to spot one at the pond just east of Angel’s Peak.

9. Elk
Just after you cross the road between Lamp of God Church and Fall’s End, you will spot some Elk roaming around by the lake.

10. Boar
You can find these on the north side of Redler Creek, by a small lake. Just keep an eye out for lands with yellow grass.

11. Cougar
Look for a series of zigzag roads between of Fall’s End and Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Cougars normally roam around the valley near it.

12. Black Bear
These can be found by a river on the North side of Lamb of God Church. Be warned though, they can be very tough to take down so close combat is not advised. Keep your distance and take them down patiently.

13. Caribou
This animal is a bit trickier to find than most others are since it’s roaming around in a very specific area in Jacob’s region. Walk through the valleys that are on the extreme left of the F.A.N.G center.

There is a watchtower among the grassy slopes of the mountains where you can spot Caribou roaming around.

14. Wolverine
These creatures roam somewhere in the valleys on the extreme left of Jacob’s region. Passes near their roaming grounds marked by grassy slopes so just look for that a road.

15. Wolves
The two main areas where you will have the most luck hunting grey wolves are on the southern part of the map and in the woods on the Whitehall Mountains. You can also find them further up north towards the Henbane River.

16. Grizzly Bears
This animal can be spotted on the right end of the F.A.N.G Center in Jacob’s region. The bear will spawn in the open grounds of the valley, just a little ahead of where you can see a chain of roads.

Bears are rare in the game so it is worth your time to just look around for a bit. A rifle would be the best weapon to take it down.

17. Bison
These are pretty easy to find in Faith’s Region. Just look for the Moonflower Trailer Park, look on the right side towards the mountains and you will find them roaming around.

18. Moose
This animal can also be found in Faith’s region, between Drubman Marina and Peaches Taxidermy. It roams on a road in the center of the area between the two.