Where to Find Angelito Flying Car in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 features a number of unique vehicles or rides that you can unlock and then summon at different locations on the map to drive around. One such fancy car is the flying Angelito and in this guide, we will show you how to find and use Angelito in Far Cry 6.

Where to Find Angelito Flying Car in Far Cry 6

The Angelito FW Turbo is a unique car and as such, finding it can be quite a pain. In fact, it doesn’t even spawn until you have made some progress in the story and acquired certain upgrades.

To start off your journey for the Angelito Flying Car, you will first have to gain access to a Guerilla Hideout by progressing in the main story of FC 6.

Once you unlock the guerilla hideout, go and talk to the person in charge there and buy the ‘Hideout Network’ upgrade from them so your various hideouts around Yara can spawn vehicles.

To find the Angelito Flying car, go to the Hideout Conjunto, which is located in East Barrial. The location of this hideout on the map can be purchased from the Chief Scout, located at the main camp.

Far Cry 6 Angelito Flying Car

Head to the Conjunto Hideout to find Angelito FW Turbo flying car. In order to use it in the future, make sure that you take it to the closest vehicle pickup depot so you can store the vehicle in your collection.

You will now be the owner of the Angelito flying car. To fly with the car, press ‘Y’ on Xbox or ‘Triangle’ on PlayStation.

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