Far Cry 5 Silos Guide

With the help of our Far Cry 5 Silos Locations Guide, we have detailed the locations of all available Silos in the game to help with Light 'Em Up

To save you the trouble of finding all silos randomly located in John’s region, we have curated this Far Cry 5 Silos Guide in which we have detailed the location of all silos.

We have also listed them in such an order that it will be a one-time sweep for you and you will come across all silos that you need to destroy for this mission. Therefore, you will be able to find and destroy all the silos easily in one trip.

One of the side quests in Far Cry 5 by the name Light ‘Em Up will task you with finding all the silos and destroying them. These silos are located in John’s region but they are randomly spread all over the region and you have to manually find them and destroy them.

Given the scale of Far Cry 5’s map, this is a huge region and these silos are spread all over the region, this can be a tiresome side quest if you are still missing a silo or two after thoroughly scanning the whole region.

Far Cry 5 Silos

You have to find and destroy 14 silos for this side quest. John’s region is a big place so we suggest that you find a vehicle and stock up on ammo before you embark on this trip.

Sometimes, you might encounter enemies for which you need to be well prepared.

Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm
Once you are ready for the trip, start heading towards Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. The first silo is located there.

Strickland Farm
Once you have dealt with the silo, use the dirt road on the south side of the Pumpkin Farm, which will lead you to Strickland Farm where the second silo is located.

Gardenview Orchards
From there (Strickland Farm), you can head to Gardenview Orchards where another silo is located. From the pumpkin farm, take the heading northeast and you will arrive at Gardenview Orchards.

Sunrise Threshing
Once the silo is down, you can approach different locations from here where you will find a silo. At the center of John’s region, you will find Fall’s End. There are different locations around Fall’s End that you will have to visit to find a silo there. Start with heading east where you will come up to Sunrise Threshing. Destroy the silo there.

Red’s Farm Supply
Come back and head northeast this time towards Red’s Farm Supply. Destroy the silo there as well.

Hyde Barn
Now head further east and a little south to arrive at Hyde Barn. Destroy the silo here and come back to Fall’s End.

Head west and you will arrive at Parker’s Laboratories. Destroy the silo there.

Bradbury Farm
From the crop circles, if you head southwest you will come to Bradbury Farm where another silo is located.

Bradbury Hay Field
The Bradbury Hay Field located on the east of the Bradbury Farm has yet another silo. Destroy the silo and continue further.

Davenport Farm
The next location where you want to be is Davenport Farm, which you will find, located on the northeast side of Fall’s End and northwest side of Lamb of God Church. Destroy the silo there.

Flatiron Stockyards
Head further east, keeping Fall’s End your main directional perspective and you will end up at Flatiron Stockyards. To be sure, it is located west of Dead Man’s River.

Holland Valley Station
From there, head north and you will arrive at Holland Valley Station.

Keep destroying silos along the way. Now return to Fall’s End and get to the highway located north of Fall’s end and continue following it to the east. When you arrive at the crossroad, turn left and start heading north. Do not go towards the road, which is leading towards the bridge.

Kellet Cattle Co
You will eventually arrive at the Rye & Sons Aviation. Take the road next to the river and star heading east. When the road turns north, take the first right to arrive at Kellet Cattle Co. This is an outpost so get ready for some serious opposition.

Seed Ranch Outpost
Once you are done there, head southeast from Rye & Sons Aviation and you will come to Seed Ranch outpost.

This is yet another outpost so get ready for the fight. We recommend that you complete all outposts before you actually start this side quest, as it will make this a lot easier for you to destroy the silos during the quest. Once all 14 silos are down, your quest will be complete

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