Far Cry 5 New Game Plus Mode Introduces “Infamous” Difficulty

Ubisoft made the announcement on Twitter for the New Game+ mode for Far Cry 5 included in the Title Update 10 for the first-person shooter game.

The release of Far Cry 5 had many things the fans wished to see in the game apart from one thing. Many games have been starting to offer a New Game+ mode but Far Cry 5 did not have it back when it was launched earlier this year. Finally, now Ubisoft has decided to provide the users of the shooter video game with the much awaited Far Cry 5 New Game Plus mode.

This fresh mode is renowned to facilitate players in using their earned items and skills from the start of the game. Which means all the equipment players will get in their first go at the playthrough of Far Cry 5 would still be present in the inventory when you play Far Cry 5 New Game Plus mode. These items will help players get through the previously tough stages of the gameplay with ease.

However, there is no point in providing such a feature to the game if your users aren’t aware of its launch. Not many players were mindful of the fact that Far Cry 5 actually has got this mode in the latest update. Therefore, Ubisoft turned to Twitter for the announcement of the Far Cry 5 New Game Plus mode.

Nonetheless, the New Game Plus does not just end on this note. A notable feature of the mode is the newly introduced “Infamous” Difficulty. This difficulty setting is meant to make the gameplay a lot more challenging to players who have mastered the art of Far Cry 5 already.

Ubisoft describes this difficulty on the official website as:

An extra hard challenge for the most committed players… with a special reward for those who master it.
Enemies hit you extra hard, are tougher to kill, and detect you more quickly.

Now, the main reason behind the “Infamous” difficulty setting is how easy the gameplay becomes in the New Game Plus mode. When able to repeatedly replay the game, there comes a point where you truly become a “God” with the sort of equipment and skills you possess.

Health boost, longer underwater breaths, faster swimming, and quick healing of allies are just some of the basic reasons that would make the game to easy for you at a certain time.

With the road to the game’s end paved so effortlessly you might find time to make something like a Death Stranding map in Far Cry 5 as well like this Redditor claimed to have done.

So, if you’re looking for an even tougher test of your gaming abilities rather than being stuffed with abilities to make a joke out of the gameplay, the “Infamous” difficulty is highly recommended for the New Game+ mode of Far Cry 5.

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