Far Cry 5 Gameplay Offers Dynamic Story and Enhanced AI, Never Before Seen in a Far Cry Game

The recently revealed Far Cry 5 gameplay trailer took us deep into the heart of Hope Country, Montana, where we will meet a number of different characters and will face various gameplay dynamics.

Far Cry 5 gameplay will offer dynamic storytelling and an improved AI. According to Ubisoft, these are never before seen features in a Far Cry game. The bold claims from Ubisoft must pump in more hype to the bubble, one can only hope that it sustains itself. Far Cry games have always featured a linear storyline but for the first time, Ubisoft is trying something different.

In an interview, Creative Director Dan Hay, explained that Far Cry 5 features a big map and although he isn’t able to talk about the size of the map just yet, he did say that when people are going through the world, they’re altering it in a dynamic way.

Basically, in previous Far Cry games, you would pretty much go through and have a very – or at least, a feeling of a linear story and what’s interesting that is happening when people are playing in this world they are altering the experience in their own way.

It really depends on how you want to play.

E3 2017 is around the corner where Ubisoft, in partnership with Sony, is going to unveil more details. One of the major gameplay dynamics is that the game offers a coop mode that expands throughout the main storyline. Previously, in Far Cry 4, the coop mode was restricted to side activities.

Far Cry 5 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC early next year on February 27, 2018. There are three different variants of the game – Base, Deluxe Edition, and Gold Edition. The base version will only feature the game while Deluxe and Gold are going to have additional content.

Source: Ubicenteral

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