Far Cry 5 Does Not Launch, Errors and Other Fixes

Far Cry 5 is out on PC and it's facing some technical issues. There are a few Far Cry 5 errors/bugs/crashes being reported and we have fixes for them all.

Far Cry 5 is out on PC along with consoles and a lot of people are already exploring Hope county. Overall, the game looks in good shape however, there are some technical issues being reported related to Far Cry 5. Some of these Far Cry 5 errors, bugs and crashes haves already been acknowledged by Ubisoft and they are working to fix them. But what about those that are arising due to some configuration (either software or hardware) issues.

In that case, if you are looking for a Far Cry 5 fix or a workaround, we have got you covered. Following is the list of most common issues being faced by users and their possible fixes.

Far Cry 5 Errors and Fixes

#1 Far Cry 5 Game Does Not Launch
Some players have reported that they are unable to launch the game however, it’s not a widespread issue so you need to do the general troubleshooting to get the issue resolved. First, try to launch the game from the “.exe” file as admin.

Game could also be crashing if you aren’t using your dedicated graphics card to run it, or there is an update missing. Also make sure your GPU driver is up-to-date, and that it is optimized.

For low FPS, you could try tempering with the settings. Try turning Vsync off and setting shadow and water qualities to low and other textures etc. to low as well. Experiment a little before giving up on the game.

Other things stopping you from playing Far Cry % could be your anti-virus may have flagged it as harmful, so either turn it off or add the game to the safe list depending on your anti-virus.

If that does not work, force the game to run in windowed mode. Make sure that you have latest drivers installed for your GPU.

#2 Controller Does Not Work
If you are unable to make your controller work, go to Steam General controller settings and uncheck all the controllers. Close Steam and try launching the game from Uplay. This time, the controller should work.

#3 Casualties of War Quest Crash
If you skip the cutscene during this quest, there are chances that your game might crash. That’s a know issue and Ubisoft will be rolling out a fix soon. In the meanwhile, you should watch that cutscene in order to proceed.

#4 Bookworm-9F33D6D1 Error in Arcade
There are reports that in Far Cry 5 Arcade, during the map download, players face Bookworm-9F33D6D1 error crash. This is due to map download timeout and is a know issue which will be fixed with future updates. In the meanwhile, all you can do is restart and try again.

#5 Far Cry 5 Crashes Due To Gamer Profile Issue
Ubisoft has rolled out a title update for the game. You should download it and the issue should be fixed in that. You will need to restart your Steam to get that update.

#6 Uplay is not Connecting
If your Uplay is presenting you issues, first thing you should do is restart your router (is you have access to that). If that doesn’t work, make sure that no firewall/antivirus/security tool is blocking Uplay services. Last but not the least, make sure that you are running Uplay with admin privileges.

#7 System Does Not Meet Minimum System Requirements
Alright, that errors doesn’t necessarily correlate to the hardware part (check once again just to be sure though, specially the OS). As far as software is concerned, try running the game in compatibility mode. If that doesn’t work, try running the executables files in game’s installation directory once. If the problem still persists, let us know in the comments below.

#8 Upc.exe Error Fix
If you are getting this error, first thing you should do is verify you game files. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you need to re-install Uplay from the official website and after installation, do not launch it. Instead, start the game from Steam and it should work fine.

#9 Disk Write Error
Even if you have free HD space available, the game requires more HD space for unpacking. So if you are getting this error, try freeing up some space on your drive. If that doesn’t work, try running a disk defragment process from your operating system.

#10 Far Cry 5 Startup Crash for Phenom Processors
Although not confirmed yet, there are reports that Far Cry 5 won’t run on Phenom processors. There might be a community workaround down the road but for now, either you can refund the game or wait for the community patch to come out.

#11 Far Cry 5 Reshade Issue
If you are using Reshade, then chances are that your game might crash. However, not all versions of Reshade are being blocked by Far Cry 5. For instance, you can use ReShade 3.0.6 as it’s being reported to be whitelisted.

#12 FOV Issue for Multi-monitor
It is being reported that FOV is locked at 60 is you are using multimonitor setup. There is no official fix so far however, you could try your luck with CFG of the game. That too has been reported to not to work though.

#13 Far Cry Error 000001 Fix
This is an error that is mostly reported by players with old PCs. Mostly those CPUs that don’t support SSE 4.1, 4.2 CPU Instructions set. If your processor doesn’t support this instruction set then you won’t be able to play the game.

#14 Far Cry Error 30005 Fix
To fix this error players need to go to “C:\Windows\System32” and delete the EasyAntiCheat.sys file.

#15 Far Cry 5 Bookworm-DD820329
This an error players face when trying to play online. Either check to see if the game needs updates, or just play single player for a while and then try to reconnect. Could be a server side issue

If you are facing any other issues related to Far Cry 5, do let us know in the comments below.

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