This Fallout New Vegas Mod Gives Players Quantum Break Like Abilities

This time a new Fallout New Vegas mod has been released which gives players Quantum Break like ability and alspo let players deflect bullets.

It is safe to say that mods are one of the important driving forces for Fallout franchise, and this time a new Fallout New Vegas mod has been released  which gives players Quantum Break like abilities.

This Fallout New Vegas mod is developed by SUPERHOT which lets you stop time during a fight, you can also see the bullets coming at you and dodge them. While the time is stopped, players can move about and can even aim head shots on their enemies.

Fallout New Vegas mod not only let you stop time but also it lets players to deflect bullets. This mod adds a perk to the game for your character which lets you deflect bullets back at your enemies.

All you have to do is grab a slashing weapon and activate the mod, when enemies start shooting at you just stop the time and you will be able to see bullets coming towards you. Now just aim towards the enemy and hit the bullets, the bullets will deflect and hit your enemies.

You can check out the mod in the video below.

Fallout New Vegas`s game director released his own mod for the game called “No Mutants Allowed”. The mod removes the level cap, adds experience and raises difficulty for the game. However, it is not a official mod, even the game director explains that this mod was created purely in his free time.

What do you think of this SUPERHOT`s mod? Let us know in the comments below.

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