Fallout 76 Players Get Married In Game With A Nuka Cola Themed Ceremony

Rickforb on Twitter shares her Fallout 76 marriage with another player that's also her husband in the real world. A bit of passion in a nuclear wasteland.

Despite what you may have to say about Bethesda’s multiplayer installment. People are definitely able to enjoy the game as they please. At its core, video games are meant to be enjoyed by players however they please. In this case, it was done by two players who had an in game Fallout 76 marriage.

Rickforb on Twitter wanted to emphasize and show that there’s more to Fallout 76 than just blowing up settlements with nukes. Or hunting animals, looting areas and chasing holotapes.

The wedding ceremony was properly friar-ed by a “Priest” decked out in power armor, along with Nuka-Cola decorations placed around the makeshift chapel.

Just for perspective though, because I do feel I need to add this. The Fallout 76 marriage isn’t OFFICIALLY how the couple got married. They were already husband and wife beforehand. A wedding without a ceremony as she described. So this was just a fun way the two found to immerse themselves into Fallout 76 with a community managed marriage event.

Bethesda intended for players to do their own thing in Fallout 76 as much as they could, which these players properly have. Hopefully the changes Bethesda has planned in 2019 will add to this immersion that the players will be able to achieve. We do have player-made shops and vendors confirmed as an update for later this year.

At its current state. Fallout 76 leaves little room for players to do what they truly want in comparison to something like New Vegas. The lack of NPCs and over abundance of holotapes/fetch quests to substitute for story was staggering to players that wanted to capture the proper feel of the Fallout universe.

Bethesda hasn’t given up yet, I think. I hope at least, and Fallout 76 can still be redeemed. Any game can when given enough time. Mass Effect Andromeda did and in its current state, it is a playable game.

Fallout 76 can do the same, the new features that the game has planned for 2019 might just start the game off on its path. Until then, players like Rickforb are free to do their own thing the way they want. Whether that’s marrying other players. Or nuking somebody’s settlement, whatever fits your fancy.

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