Expect More Details About Fallout 76 Beta This Week

According to Bethesda's head Pete Hines, we can expect more details about Fallout 76 Beta this week. So stay tuned just for a liitle while.

Bethesda’s Fallout 76 is all the hype there is, and the clock is ticking like real fast for the devs. Now apart from the fact we know that beta of the game is scheduled to begin in October, we are still very much low on the details regarding Fallout 76 Beta.

What will it contain? How long will Bethesda be scheduling it to run and such? These are some of the basic questions that we do not know of. However, thanks to Bethesda’s head Pete Hines, we can expect more details about Fallout 76 Beta this week.

Yes, that is right, this week is what he said in a response to a fan’s question about Fallout 76 Beta length. This he said on his official Twitter account;

We’ll have more information for you on that soon. Hopefully this week.

So for those who have been waiting for more news about Fallout 76 Beta, just wait a little longer as more details are bound to roll out soon, provided we now have the confirmation from Hines himself.

Having said that Fallout 76 Beta can only be played if you pre-order the game. This beta is scheduled to start on October 8 and will start on Xbox One followed by PS4 and PC.

Moreover, according to the official website of Fallout 76, the beta will contain “full game”. Now it is worth noting that mostly the betas most of have seen so far, for any game normally bring only a piece or a slice of the final product.

So this is very much intriguing to know that Bethesda is bringing the full game in the Fallout 76 Beta. Also to add here is the fact that all of the progress you make will carry forward in the final game.

So keeping all that into context, really can not wait to see what Bethesda has in stored for us.