Fallout 4 Will Be Getting DLC All The Way Through 2016

While we are all playing Fallout 4 and getting the feeling of just how big the game is, a new interview has revealed some interesting facts. Not only is it full of Easter Eggs to be discovered, but there will be plenty of DLC for the game.

In the interview by Mingle Media TV Network they talk to Fallout 4 Director Todd Howard at the launch party. While some questions are a little off the mark it did manage to reveal some interesting details. On DLC Howard revealed that they have plans to continue the game all the way through 2016. In news that will be well received by the fans, he teased that Bethesda haven’t closed off the story to the game just yet, that there is much more to come.

He also revealed that they have hidden tons of Easter Eggs into the game for gamers to discover. No doubt this will mean that over the coming weeks if not months people will be scouring the wastelands for the little secrets waiting to be discovered. This is similar to what people did with Fallout 3 which also had plenty of secrets for those willing to explore the whole of the map.

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In a another interesting comment he also revealed that there were talks in the past about a Fallout movie which didn’t work out. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who would love to see a movie based on the Fallout lore, but for now are just happy to be playing through it instead.

Are you enjoying Fallout 4? Have you even given thought to what DLC could be coming in the future? Let us know below.

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