Fallout 4 Mods Won’t Let You Earn Achievements if You Install Them

Beta is going on for Fallout 4 creation kit and some story mods have already released. But a new report has emerged Fallout 4 mods disable achievements.

Fans of the beloved Fallout 4 are waiting restlessly for mods and some creative users have already released some mods for the game but they were not created using Fallout 4 mod creation kit, which is not released yet. 

A beta is going on for the creation kit of Fallout 4 and some story mods have already been released. But a new report has emerged that Fallout 4 mods disable achievements.

The news comes from a user on Reddit, according to the user when players install a mod and load a save file, after that any save made will be separated in a new slot. Meaning if you have a character named Jason and you install a mod and load a save, after that if you save the game at any point the save will be saved separately under Jason[Modded] section.

According to the report if you install a mod and start playing the game you will not earn any achievements for your actions and then if you want to earn achievements then you will have to delete the mod completely and then load the save prior to installing the mod.

According to the report beta testers are apparently not happy with this and Bethesda has not yet commented on this restriction. When an author makes a mod the general consensus for him is that he does not want players to disable his/her mod. There were a lot of mods in the past that fixed broken quests, now if a user installs a mod to fix a quest then he/she can`t get any achievements.

According to the report some users think that mods will allow players to earn achievements easily but that was not the case in Fallout 3 or Skyrim. Mods are content not cheats but for now the plan seems to be extend it to consoles too.


What do you think of Fallout 4 mods disabling achievements? Should Bethesda change its decision? Let us know in the comments.

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