Fallout 3 Speedrunner Beats Game in Under 15 Minutes

Fallout 3 is a game a game about being lost in the Wasteland and going in search of your missing father. What it probably was not designed for was to be completed in 15 minutes.

This is what YouTube user Rydou has managed to do and you can watch the video above. While it may not be as fun as playing the game at the regular pace it is still interesting to watch.

As you’ll probably already know, to do a Speedrun on a game you have to know all of its glitches, the easiest routes and what to expect. This means that the player will have spent hours looking at the game and finding everything they need to know. This is what makes this video so impressive.

What you will see of course is that fact that to play a game so fast you do tend to pull apart the way it plays and to force your way through it at a high pace. This means that cutscenes are skipped, optional objectives are stayed away from and there is only one focus and that is to complete the game.

What I like about the video is the detail in which Rydo goes into in the description for the video. In it he reveals some of the secrets he uses to make the game progress quicker, and to avoid problems such as slowing down due to being crippled in battle. It is well worth a read after watching the video.

Do you think you could Speedrun Fallout 3? Let us know your thoughts on the video below.

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