Fable Legends Hero Flair May Just be the Best One Yet

A new Fable Legends Heroes of Albion video introduces Flair, a circus archer who uses her arrows as well as magic to take aim on her enemies.

I’ll be the first to admit that Fable Legends hasn’t exactly caught my interest. Today though with a new Heroes of Albion video, a new character may just be spectacular enough to have caught my attention.

Flair is described as a Circus Archer, who was once part of a duo of performers. She moves out into the world of Albion to make a difference, which brings her to the battle in Fable Legends. An Archer with a taste for magic, her ability with fireworks looks to bring some interesting tricks to the battle.

While she can fight in a more traditional archer sense, she also puts her firework like arrows to use when it comes to setting things on fire. This can include placing tar on the battlefield before using her arrows to set it a light leading to a greater area of damage.

She also has the ability to use a fire breathing like ability to send fire out at her opponents, which does extra damage, and definitely looks pretty. Perhaps though the most impressive power she has is to place a firework beacon on the ground before heading into battle. If things get too hot for her, she can teleport back to the beacon and will be invisible for a few seconds.

Adding to the power of the beacon, she can also use it around her teammates to make them invisible too, aiding them in getting the first attack. A true performer, it appears that Flair may be one of the more interesting characters of the game.

While I’m still not sure about Fable Legends, I do admit that a character like Flair does catch my interest. She appears to be more imaginative than your more average selections. Maybe these types of characters will be the ones to finally get people invested in the game?


What do you think of Flair? Does she do enough to catch your interest for Fable Legends? Let us know your thoughts below.

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