Fable Legends Beta Sign-ups are Live Now!

Lionhead Studios is taking sign-ups for Fable Legends closed beta right now; sign up using your Xbox ID right away.

“Albion Needs You,” reads the official website of Legends where the developers are now taking sing-ups for the game’s beta. This is of course not the first time we are getting the Fable Legends beta sign-ups, but in case you have been missing out until now, this surely is your chance.

Since the game is still in closed beta phase, it is up to the developers to choose how many people get enrolled, however, anyone can apply right now.

Fable Legends is a free-to-play cooperative action role-playing adventure. Sign up to the beta using your Xbox account to register your interest in the Closed Beta.

We suggest you sign up now, which can be done with an Xbox ID. When you are signed up you can either “play the Hero you’ve always longed to be, work as a team to face your toughest challenge yet, and reap the rewards along the way,” or “discover what it takes to be a real Villain. Take your time to create elaborate labyrinth’s full of nasty surprises and painful traps.”

If you are still pissed that Fable Legends open beta was delayed to 2016, this might work as a compensation of sorts for you – and we think that is the reason why Lionhead Studios is taking new sign-ups now.

Sometime ago, the developers had also confirmed that they were not even thinking of Fable 4 right now because all their efforts and resources are still being used to bring Legends up to the expectations of the fans. This means it would be a good idea to stick with the game instead of waiting for a direct entry in the main series.

Fable Legends is being developed for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on Unreal Engine 4; the game is expected to come out sometime in 2016 although the developers have not shared a fixed release date.

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