Fable 3 Gnomes Locations Guide – Gnomes Are Evil! Quest

In our Fable 3 Gnomes Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding and killing all 50 Gnomes in the game.

Welcome to our Fable 3 Genome Location Guide. You will need to collect 50 of these mysterious creatures in Fable III to complete the side quest Gnomes are Evil! However, before this side quest becomes available to you, you need to complete the side quest Gnomes are great and leave town.

Come back and this side quest will be available to you. You must shoot these creatures to get them and Jonathan in Brightwall village will reward you for your efforts as per Gnomes are Evil side quest.

Fable 3 Gnomes Locations

When you have completed the Gnomes are Great! side quest, leave town. Come back later and talk to Jonathan near Brightwall academy and he will inform you that Gnomes have escaped. Now, you need to collect all these Gnomes for this side quest. Gnomes’ presence can be detected by their voices, as they will not remain silent when you are around them. This is where Genomes are in Fable 3:

Brightwall Village

  1. You can find one Gnome before Jonathan tells you about their escape, you can find one to kill just across the door in the corner of the house.
  2. It can be found on a chimney of a big house that can be located across the small bridge near the main gate.
  3. You need to find Bumbler’s Gruff house as your target can be found sitting on stones behind it.

Brightwall Village (The Reliquary)

  1. Use the stairs that will lead you down after some platforms. This Gnome can be found in a corner near the column. You will have to move in a counter-clockwise direction to reach this one.
  2. Same path but you need to go into water this time. Search for the large column near the skeleton to find this Gnome.

Dweller Camp

  1. Move down the hill a bit after Sabine’s house. You can find a small path that also leads to the 5 Silver Key Chest. Look towards the hill to locate this Gnome.

Mistpeak Valley

  1. From the Monorail station, run uphill and you will come to a location where you can see the Genome and shoot it.
  2. There is a frozen waterfall near the Demon door in the frozen valley. You can spot the Gnome sitting above the waterfall.
  3. There is a pathway near the entrance of Brightwall village that leads to some sort of ruins. Look for the Gnome on the cliff wall opposite to the fence.
  4. When you enter the Caverns for a Silver key, look up and you will locate the Gnome.
  5. When you enter through Gold Key Cavern entrance, keep on moving the cave until you reach a frozen lake. You can find the Gnome at the top of the stony structure there.
  6. You can find a Gnome to kill in Chillbreath Cavern. To reach its entrance, turnaround from the Demon Door, follow the path to the right and keep on moving right until you reach a cave on your left. You can find the Gnome sitting just inside the entrance.
  7. You can find this Gnome on the entrance castle wall after you have defeated the Hobbes.

Mercenary Camp

  1. Look for the water tower nearby the first watchtower from the mercenary camp. You will find this one sitting on the top of the tower.


  1. Move uphill from the fort and head right. Before reaching the graveyard, there are some ruins. Explore these ruins to find this Gnome under the archway.
  2. You need to look for this Gnome in between the two sewers on a stone before you leave Mourningwood.
  3. You are going to need to complete 2 side quests (Bored to Death and Gone but not Forgotten) to get to this Gnome to reach Ossuary. Once in the Ossury, keep on moving till you find a large tree Use the stairs nearby to reach an area where you can find doorway and Tombs. On the balcony, between the Tombs, you can find this Gnome.

Sunset House

  1. You can find this Gnome on Stones on the right side of the house above the pool.

Bowerstone Industrial

  1. It can be found under the bridge where Riveter Shot the Protester.
  2. At the bridge’s location, you will find a crane across the bridge. Enter the sewer system under the crane and head left. You will see the Gnome above hanging from the wall.
  3. You can find this Gnome on the wall of the building near to the bridge and beside the shipyard.
  4. In the Cesspools, you can find this Gnome on the wall just before you turn right during the rescue mission.
  5. You can find this Gnome in closed structure (resembling a cage) in the Pie factory. To get to the Pie Factory, you will have to complete a side Quest named “Animal Liberation.


  1. While heading to the lake from the market, you will this Gnome on a wall behind the cut wood.
  2. You can find it on some arched ruins under the bridge to the center.
  3. You can find another Gnome in Reaver’s Yard. While facing the house in the yard, look left and you can find the Gnome behind a tree.
  4. After entering the Cavern, along the waterfall and you will find this one hanging left to your location by the waterfalls.
  5. Again enter the hole near the waterfalls and you will find yourself in a room. Check the other side corner of the room for this Gnome.

Bowerstone Market

  1. Head to the doghouse. Move to the back yard and shoot this Gnome above the door.
  2. You can find this Gnome in the market on one of the towers. From the Millfields entrance head left to reach the location of this Gnome.
  3. Look for the stairs leading to the castle wall. You will find this Gnome at the base of these stairs.

Bowerstone Old Quarter

  1. There is a building called “House of Stains” in the Plaza with the statue. You should find this Gnome on your right once you face the building.
  2. Head down the street from the pig statue. You can find this Gnome in the window of a house. You can find this house near the green yard.

Bowerstone Castle

  1. You can find this Gnome on the wall of the kitchen in the castle.
  2. This Gnome can be found near the Catacomb’s entrance in the Castle’s garden.
  3. From the Catacombs, head towards the cave area. Search for this Gnome in the area around the entrance tunnel.

Silver Pines

  1. Search for this Gnome to the right side of the entrance of the mine in the middle of the village.
  2. From Millfields entrance, after passing through the village, there is a graveyard. Search for a secret crypt that will lead to a tower. Your Gnome is on that tower.


  1. Head to the Shore and turn left. You can find this Gnome along the green path on a house.
  2. It is on a stone found at the small island from the mainland.

City of Aurora

  1. Turn left instead of entering the city. You can find this one hanging from a building’s wall.
  2. Head to the Arch Bridge at the top of the town. You can find this Gnome on the side of the bridge.

Shifting Sands

  1. Just after entering the area, look for this Gnome on the tower to your left.
  2. Head to the entrance of the Palace. You can find this Gnome to your left on the wall of a cliff.
  3. When you are on a quest to tracking down the massive diamond, you can find this gnome outside the door of the room with diamond.
  4. It is found on the wall of Stone arch. Head right after leaving the stairs from the City of Aurora to reach this arch.

Veiled Path

  1. At the start of the Veiled Path from the Shifting Sands, look for this Gnome on the cliffside.
  2. You can find it at the beneath the long stairs.
  3. Same stairs, you will find it at half of the stairs. You will be able to find this one on the tower-like structure.
  4. Through the Enigma (Area at the far side of the staircase) door head to deeper locations. Look for the Gnome inside the door with 2 statues on its either side.

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