Fable 3 Demon Doors Locations Guide – All Demon Doors

In our Fable 3 Demon Doors Locations Guide, we have shared the locations of all the six Demon Doors in Fable 3 for Xbox 360.

Demon Doors are your path to secret treasure area but, to open these doors, you need to convince them. There are a total of six demon doors in Fable III, which can be found throughout the continent. Here is your guide to their location and how you can convince them to reveal that secret area with treasure for you.

Fable 3 Demon Doors Locations

Find every demon door in Fable 3 and try your luck to get a Legendary Weapon.

Mistpeak Valley
From the Mistpeak Lake, go towards the top of the hill toward the snow area with bridges crossing the frozen valley. Head to the path under the first bridge that leads to the valley and keeps moving. This path will end in front of the Mistpeak Valley Demon Door.

Now to open this demon door, you need to hug, kiss and propose your partner. Therefore, you and your co-op partner must have a love expression pack from the Road to Rule. When you perform these actions in front of the door, the door will open. It may open with love and kiss or you may have to propose and marry in front of the door to open it.

Brightwall Village
Now to open this door, you need to come up with your child in front of it. This should be your own child so that you can hold it with your hands and drag it in front of the door for its approval. Alternatively, you can adopt a child from Bowerstone Orphanage, but you will then be required to complete Bowerstone Resistance quest first.

It can sometimes let you through even if you do not perform a happy expression by saying that he/she is beautiful. Behind this door, you find happy and dancing skeletons and upstairs will be the chest that you are looking for containing 25 guild sets and 3 summon creature potions.

Sunset House
This demon door is for Kings/Queens. Come here as King/Queen to open the door and access the treasures behind it. This will happen as part of the main quest of the game. It is present to the left of the path when you enter from Mourningwood. Behind this door, you will get 1 million gold.

This demon door requires you to have max out melee or ranged weapons skills (level 5) plus three upgrades to a legendary weapon, you do not, however, need to have a maxed-out legendary weapon. After you have upgraded your legendary weapon, all you need to do is pull it out in front of this door and it will open. Beyond the door is the realm of Planet one. You will get a full Military Suit and one summon creature potion.

This door will open only if you are ugly or fat. You can opt to wear ugly clothes from the beginning or you can do that later in the sanctuary. You need your hero status meter in Sanctuary to the extreme right that will happen if you gain weight. You can eat pies and meat or drink a bear at the pub to gain weight. After you are fat and dressed up as a fool, come in front of this door and it will open. You will get 40 guild seals when you do.

City of Aurora
After the revolution, you will find just left to the main gate. Max out your morality and become either completely on the good side or completely on the evil side.

Hint: Transfer 5 million to or from the Castle Treasury. If you transfer gold to the Treasury, you will get good morality and vice versa.

When you have maxed out morality you can just straight up to enter this demon door and get a random legendary weapon.

Ravenscar Keep Demon Door (Bonus)
If you have the traitor’s Keep DLC only then will this door be available to you. It is in the south of Ravenscar’s entrance. To get in wear a prisoner suit. You can get in the chests found in the prison. Once opened you can get the prison guard’s suit from here.

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