F1 2021 Singapore Best Setup Guide

Singapore GP in F1 2021 track is one of the hardest, but the most fun tracks to race on if you get a grip of it. In this guide, we will talk about the F1 2021 Singapore Best Setup for you to utilize for maximum efficiency.

F1 2021 Singapore Best Setup

Singapore GP takes place every year. However, it has been replaced by Turkish GP due to some traveling restrictions. But, the F1 2021 Singapore track is still available for players to make records on.

If we rank the tracks based on their difficulty, Singapore in F1 2021 is easily in the top three of the list. Because of the repetition of awkward corners, Singapore easily becomes one of the hardest tracks to master.

Racing on this track makes it hell for the drivers as the tires and front wings are worn out pretty quickly. This is because of the insane amount of heat spewing from the roads due to the high temperature in Singapore.

The Singapore track is very narrow with little to no overtaking points. However, you can still manage to overtake your opponents on the long-straights if you decrease the value of the front wing.

Traction will be important for you on this track to keep your car on the road.

The awkward corners require your car to be pinned to the road. This is where you will need to set up the values of Camber and Toe according to your needs. Your car will need a lot of downforce and low-speed grip to survive this track.

Due to the insane amount of heat in Singapore, the tires will wear out quickly. We have set the best values for the tire pressure to keep them cool during the race.

Below is the best setup that you can use on the Singapore track in F1 2021:


Front Wing Aero: 11

Rear Wing Aero: 11


Differential adjustment on Throttle: 72%

Differential adjustment off Throttle: 60%

Suspension Geometry

Front Camber: -2.80

Rear Camber: -1.30

Front Toe: 0.06

Rear Toe: 0.20


Front Suspension: 1

Rear Suspension: 6

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 1

Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6

Front Ride Height: 2

Rear Ride Height: 8


Brake Pressure: 100%

Brake Bias: 57%


Front Right Tire Pressure: 23.4 psi

Front Left Tire Pressure: 23.4 psi

Rear Right Tire Pressure: 23.5 psi

Rear Left Tire Pressure: 23.5 psi