Let’s Discuss Gears Tactics – Gameplay, Release Date, And The Shift To Turn-Based Combat

Gears Tactics is a turn-based strategy game that was announced at E3 2018 in Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference and is developed by The Coalition. This game will be a new addition to Gears of War franchise and will take place 12 years before the events of the original Gears of War.

Gears Tactics will be somewhat similar to Gears series with multiple engagements and huge boss fights but this time, in a turn-based strategy setting. The game is currently in pre-Alpha so there is very little information about it. While the game is only announced to release on PC, there is no confirmation for a console release.

Everything About Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics was revealed at E3 in a brief teaser. The gameplay footage shows player-controlled multiple COG soldiers fighting the locust. The game will feature a lot of Gears’ core mechanics and storyline. We are not sure if our favorite characters in Gears universe will be available, as it will serve as a prequel to the original Gears of War.

Gears Tactics has been in pipeline for a few years now, news surfaced about a similar strategy game for Xbox a few years ago and this may be the one. While people may be critical of not announcing it for Xbox, the studio may first want to test it on PC. Usually, the strategy games are easier to play on PC as compared to consoles, as you can maneuver very fast with the help of mouse.

Story Details

There is pretty much no information about the storyline of the game. The game starts with you investigating the spread of locust that is wiping out cities. The game will keep the core elements of Gears universe as seen in the teaser trailer with cover fire and explosive boss fights.

What we know is the story is starts 12 years prior to the events of the original Gears of War when Locust has pretty much destroyed the planet. Therefore, if we follow the same timeline, we would most likely be trying to contain the locust as much as possible.


From Shooter to Turn-Based

A shooter game in a turn-based strategy environment can be tricky, what we can see in the teaser trailer is that you will be able to strategically place your units and designate them in an area of the fire.

You may or may not be able to control the fire of your units in certain direction, as they will automatically clear the waves in the designated area. There is also a hint of Special Abilities available to your units like Grenade, Grenade or Rocket Launchers.

This type of game settings can get a lot of fun or for some quite frustrating, especially in the boss fights which are expected to be on a big scale. As for boss fights, a lot of movement is involved. Next up, the studio will also have to come up with something to address the HP regeneration and usage of consumables – as seen in mainstream Gears of War games.

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