Everything About DOOM Eternal – What We Know So Far, Gameplay, Setting, Release Date, QuakeCon

We discuss everything you need to know about recently revealed DOOM Eternal, its release date, gameplay details, location, weapons, and all other details.

DOOM has been perhaps the most revolutionary FPS games in history. The original DOOM is widely accredited with being the game that made the FPS genre popular. The 2016 reboot was not expected to have that much of a cultural significance but it still left its mark by staying true to its roots. The game had everything that was synonymous with DOOM including the gut-wrenching gore and maddening boss fights. Enter DOOM Eternal.

DOOM Eternal is a sequel that is going to be released by id Software and Bethesda. The game is expected to have the same fluid movement and gunplay that defined its predecessor.

Information about the game is scarce, so we thought that we should compile everything about DOOM Eternal on a single page for all the fans of the series to stay up-to-date with how far along the game has come and when can we expect it to hit the shelves.

Everything About DOOM Eternal

The release date of the game has not yet been confirmed. However, it can be assumed that the game would release sometime next year, if the developers decide to use the same engine that they used in the 2016 iteration of the game.

We did see an Amazon listing which stated that the game would be released on December 2018 but that seems unlikely, as there would have been a mention of that particular release date at the E3 reveal, as it is so close.

The core gameplay of the game can be expected to largely be the same, as you go around from place to place slaying monsters of all different kinds. The soundtrack of the last game was one of the best things about it and Mick Gordon is the guy who is in charge of the soundtrack for DOOM Eternal as well that basically confirms that you can expect the same foot stomping head banging Heavy Metal that was present in the original DOOM.

As for the platforms that the game will be available on, it has not been made clear but it is safe to assume that it will be available on the holy trinity of PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

There might even be a Nintendo Switch version because of the popularity of the console but the chances are that the version will be developed by some other studio and the game itself will be a stripped down version of the main game due to the limited power of the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s Talk Hell

Let us start with the demons, as they will be consuming up most of your time when you are playing the game. It was mentioned that the new DOOM would feature a host of new content as well as the classic one.

There will be tons of new demons for you to fight as you play the game and one of the new ones that we have seen already is a Cacodemon, BUT WITH ARMS.

Other demons include Pain Element, Arch-Vile, Revenant and Baron of Hell. These demons have been spotted in the trailer but their presence in the game is not yet confirmed.

The Creator Director, Hugo Martin, has told us that there will be twice as many demons in DOOM Eternal as there were in the original DOOM. I personally hope that this means that there will be twice as many types of demons but it could also mean that there will simply be twice as many demons for us to kill. Considering how difficult the original game can get as it is, more monsters might just make the game impossible at a higher difficulty.

The Setting and The Weapons

The setting of the game is quite exciting. It is actually planet Earth but as you would expect in a DOOM game that is set in our very own green planet, Earth has been overrun by Hell and the demons have control. As for your objective, that should be obvious!

The teaser strongly suggested that the storyline is set to take place on earth. We will not be left alone on Mars, instead we have left the UAC facility and landed on earth to find that it has been overrun by hell and the monsters and demons now crawl the street.

At the end of the prequel, a note hinted that the efforts you made to end the operations of the UAC facility on Mars had been in vain. Moreover, that they were still making efforts to harness the demonic energy as a renewable energy source to keep the lamps lit on earth. However, little do they know that the demons have come along to restore what is theirs.

The director of the facility takes the magical sword that you retrieved from hell and makes it clear that they had not had their fill of dabbling with the demonic forces. Upon leaving, he also promised to meet again, so there is a good chance that we meet the android again.

DOOM never really has been a game that is set on delivering a pulsating and thrilling narrative, rather a game that demands death and destruction to be left in every level, and now you can do that around massive skyscrapers and barren deserts.

As for the guns, we do not really know as of yet what they will entail. However, we have been promised new weapons by the developers along with new abilities so it will be interesting to see how they mesh that into the game. One thing we do know is that the classic weapons, including the most classic of all (the Double-Barreled Shotgun) will be included in the game and will probably be your method of choice to blast the heads of some demons.

Release Date and More Info.

As far as the playstyle and the pacing of the game is concerned, it seems as if it will be following in the footsteps of DOOM. We really have no problem with that as the reboot did the original game justice and all we need now is enough new content and minor tweaks to make the game interesting and fun.

Huge Martin did say though that they are really interested in showing us some things that we would not expect, so there might be certain new mechanics which make the game play a little differently than before.

As for more information about the game, people who have followed the franchise and id Software for a long enough time will already know what to look forwards to Quakecon. The annual event is the highlight of all things id Software and although just a shell of its former glory, it is still attended by dozens of celebrities each year.

The next Quakecon would be a perfect arena to let the world know about what to expect in DOOM Eternal, and id Software have confirmed that we will be able to see some gameplay during the event from Aug. 9-12 next year (we cannot wait!).

That is everything about DOOM Eternal. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!

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