Every Project Scorpio Game May Not Run at Native 4K

According to Microsoft, not all games will run at Native 4K. Creating 4K games is completely up to the development teams.

Project Scorpio, the true beast incarnate, is coming to shelves in Fall 2017. The console was announced at Microsoft’s Xbox Press Conference at E3 2016. Many were surprised to hear that it can run games at 4K, it was hard to believe our ears to be honest.

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However, it is, in fact, true; Project Scorpio specs are capable of Native 4K resolution. But there is something fans need to know and should expect to happen every now and then.

Not every Project Scorpio game will run at 4K.

Running games at 4K is completely up to the developers, according to Microsoft’s Albert Penello. He explained that Project Scorpio is not a 4K only machine and allows devs to create 1080p games if they wish to.

I think we’ve said from the beginning that it’s really going to be up to the game developers. Game developers will choose to take that 6 TFLOPS and do what they think is best for their visions for the game … if somebody wants to make a 1080p game and make it the most amazing looking game of all time on Scorpio? Great, I think that sounds fantastic!

He added:

We’re going to give game developers a canvas to get a level of performance that they haven’t been able to achieve on consoles before, and I think the game developers will figure out what makes sense for their customers and the experience they’re trying to build

Sony is looking at a similar strategy, marketing the machine for both 4K and 1080p games. Consoles cycles are changing and for the better. Mid-gen upgrades are welcomed as they will allow us to have a better graphical experience in demanding games.

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