Every Game Is Crackable According To Denuvo, “We Want To Protect Sales”

Denuvo knows that no game is uncrackable. What they want to achieve is protection of sales as long as they can. Is that enough though for the industry?

Denuvo has been the center of discussion among the biggest media in the industry for quite some time now. Even the company though knows that no game is uncrackable and they are focusing on protecting the initial sales of every title they support. In a world where many games are cracked in the first day of their release, is that enough though?

During a recent talk with GamesIndustry.biz during Gamescom, lmar Fischer, sales director at anti-piracy company Denuvo has talked about the company’s focus and what they want to achieve with their service. According to him, initial sales are the main concern since they know that every game will eventually be cracked. He stated:

“Our goal, and it’s still the goal, is to protect initial sales. Of course we would like to have it uncracked forever, but that just doesn’t happen in the games industry.”

Additionally, he pointed out that with the state of piracy nowadays, the focus is estimating what percentage of the users that pirate games would actually buy the game:

“You can see the piracy of the games, but it’s really tough to tell how many of these would have bought the game. We can estimate, and even if you take a small percentage of this number then the revenue would increase dramatically.”

Truth is, piracy affects mostly indie games and “smaller” triple A titles that players don’t get “hyped about”. The biggest example is that of Two Point Hospital, which was cracked before its official release, meaning that players can actually download and play the game on launch day without having to spend a dime.

If Denuvo can’t protect titles in the first days of its release, what will the future of the service be like in the future? Many publishers are stepping away from Denuvo Anti-Tamper right now so the company will have to try harder in order to keep their clients happy.

Do you think Denuvo Anti-Tamper is useful for the sales of video games or is it just another extra feature to slow down performance?

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