ESO: Summerset Treasure Maps Locations Guide

The Treasure Maps can be found in the new Summerset update that has been bought to The Elder Scrolls Online. Finding these ESO: Summerset Treasure Maps will be very hard since they are quite far apart from one another.

Our Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Treasure Maps Locations Guide will make the arduous process a little more forgiving and give you locations of all 6 of the treasure maps.

In addition to Treasure Maps, the Summerset chapter has also added new Relics, Skyshards, and Armor Sets to the game.

ESO: Summerset Treasure Maps

Since Summerset is a new area in the game, it will not be easy for the players to traverse it and understand all of the terrain that is found in the game.

The Treasure Maps will be giving you a drawing of the scenery where you can begin digging but it will not be easy to locate that area in the vast expanses of Summerset without the help of this ESO: Summerset Treasure Maps Guide.

Let us go ahead and take a look at where you can find all 6 of the Treasure Maps that exist within the game.

ESO: Summerset Treasure Maps Locations Guide
Treasure Map #1
The first Treasure Map is to be found in the giant Mushroom Bay. You need to go to the utmost north of the island towards the shore and find the place between Veyond Wyte Wayshrine and King’s Haven pass Wayshrine.

Follow the coast from the south side and you will soon come upon the location after you pass a waterfall on your way. Soon after the waterfall, you’ll be able to see the rock protruding upwards that’s in the painting, just beside the beach with some mushrooms nearby. Right there, you’ll find the dig spot.

Treasure Map #2
The second Treasure Map can be found if you head to the southeast side of Summerset. Find the small island that is separated from the rest of the land by a small strip of ocean.

Head east from the Eastern Pass Wayshrine and you will soon come upon the picture that is in the map. There is a distinct rock formation that is also shown in the scroll just before the waterbody. You’ll be able to identify the location by that.

The dig spot is as shown on the scroll, beneath the tree by the rock on the other side of the river.

Treasure Map #3
The third map can be found towards the big bay in the western side of the island. Head south from the Ebon Stadmont Wayshrine following the river that heads into the bay at the top-right corner and find the map near the bridge.

Treasure Map #4
Go east of Cey-Tar, keep towards the lake that is northeast of Alinor city. You’ll soon see the Waterfall and Giant Nest in the southwest side of the map as shown in the painting.

The tricky part here is that the dig spot is not where its shown on the painting, instead its slightly closer to the waterfall near the right side of the two trees there.

Treasure Map #5
The huge monastery seen in the map is the College of Sapiarchs; situated on an island towards the West of Lillandril.

Coming from the northwestern side, you must pass the Queen’s Hatchery and then keep with the coast until you come at the tree upon a rock as shown in the painting. The map is underneath that spot.

Treasure Map #6
The sixth and final map can be found near the Dusk Keep; located towards the southeast side of Summerset. Climb the cliffs found above the boat moored at the beach and get to the cobblestone road.

The dig spot will be at the massive stone towards the set of stairs that are at the Keep’s Bridge.

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