Epic Store Account Gets Hacked, Loses Thousands Of Euros

As if you needed more reasons NOT to trust the lack of security in the Epic Store, here’s another breakthrough. A user on Reddit shares the story of how somebody hacked into his Epic Store account which he played Fortnite on. After doing so, he allegedly stole 2500 to 3000 Euros from the hacked account.

Here’s the story from Reddit along with an image for proof.

“So my account got hacked for a while. (stopped playing fortnite so I had no desire to log into my account) And it seems a russian has hacked into my game account. (My password is long, no idea how they manage to get in) And took roughly. 2.500 Euro from my bank through paypal. I have no Idea what I must do. I disconnected paypal. Change my password. But I have no idea how to get my money back.”

Now while I’ve had my gripes with Epic Games in the past, Paypal is also to blame for this. The way they left this user’s wallet open for expenditure, plus Epic’s lack of email verification, combined to make this happen.

I do hope that the guy gets his money back, but neither Paypal nor the person’s bank was able to help. Hopefully he’s accommodated well.

I talked about the lack of email verification before for Epic Sore, this just proves my point.

If you’re using the Epic client and have entered payment information such as cards, get that fixed now. Change your passwords and try to be extra careful.

Better yet, uninstall and delete your account just to be safe. Lack of Security is the reason why Epic’s strategy of catering more to developers will never work well for the company.

Hopefully Tim Sweeney takes notice of this instead of pandering to his competition with other platforms such as Steam. The fact that you have to cater to PC client exclusivity and sacrifice your own security is just ridiculous!

Source: Reddit

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