ELEX Safe Zones Locations Guide – Where to Find All Safe Zones in ELEX

ELEX Safe Zones Locations Guide to help you find each and every Safe Zone in the game that should help you get through the Early Game without any problems.

In this ELEX Safe Zones Locations Guide, we will guide you on where you can find the safest places in ELEX. ELEX is an RPG and just like any other RPG, there is danger lurking around every corner for you.

At the beginning, you will be weak and will not be able to tackle most of the enemies. We have curated this ELEX Safe Zones Locations Guide so that you can start playing the game easily in these early game areas.

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ELEX Safe Zones Locations Guide

ELEX Safe Zones Locations Guide details all safe locations in ELEX that you can play early in your journey.

ELEX Safe Zones Locations

There are eight locations across the map where you can easily play during the early hours of your game to complete quests and level up.

If you start playing at a location not mentioned here, chances are that you will die a lot and you will have trouble completing quests to level up. Therefore, we highly recommend that you start your journey by playing in these easy locations.


ELEX Safe Zones – Old Observatory

This is your starting location. Here there you will only come across three easy enemies. Other than that, this area has no threats whatsoever.

Explore the rea peacefully and once you are done, follow the NPC present near the Observatory to take you to your next location. You have the option of choosing your next location at this point. Choose Small Camp.

ELEX Safe Zones – Small Camp

Small Camp is a small location and you spend a little time here. Let Duras handle the monsters and you only move in for finishing blows. Make sure you do not wander far away from the main building as tougher enemies surround the area.

Stick close to the main building and explore the area. Once done, choose Goliet as your next destination. Stay behind Duras during the journey as well. Help him out when the enemy is weakened much.

ELEX Safe Zones – Goliet

When you have arrived in Goliet, you can do many low-level quests here that can even be solved with peace. You do not need to explore too much around the area.

You will find plenty to do inside the walls. If you really want to go out, the road to The Pit is also safe.

Stick to quests inside the city and level up as much as you can. Avoid Edan and once you want to move on, choose Sandy Pines as your next location. Use river canyon and lake to avoid tough enemies. Jet Pack is also useful here.

ELEX Safe Zones – Sandy Pines

Once you arrive here, your first task should be activating the Teleporter. Avoid the big building, as it is full of tough monsters. Go in the second building to start the meeting with Ray who is also your first companion in the game.

Once you are done here, your next stop is The Fort. Use the main road and if any monster starts chasing you, run or use your jetpack to escape.

ELEX Safe Zones – The Fort

You arrive at the North Entrance of The Fort. This area is safe as well. Play on with the story and you will arrive inside The Fort.

Continue playing until Ray is your companion. Avoid talking about Leo or you will end up in a tough location. Once you are free to move around, start exploring the area.

Start completing quests and level up. You will get many different quests here to complete which is easy and will not check your mettle a lot.

When you are happy with your progress, use the teleporter and head back to Sandy Pines. Your next destination is Camp in the Center.

ELEX Safe Zones – Camp in the Center

This is an easy location as it offers a lot of quests and leveling up opportunities to a newbie. Complete as many quests here and keep leveling up. Once you are ready to move on, go to The Domed City.

ELEX Safe Zones – The Domed City

You will find your next companion in The Domed City. This city is full of quests so make use of them and complete as many quests as possible. They will help you level up for tougher areas. The Teleport to the next area also lies here so activate it.

ELEX Safe Zones – Hort

Your last location on your early leveling up will be Hort. Here you will have some more quest opportunities and hence more leveling up.

Once you are happy with your level and gear and you think that you are ready to tackle the real and more difficult areas of the game, pick any other location of the game and start exploring the world of ELEX.

This concludes our ELEX Safe Zones Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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