ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Guide – Final Arrangements, Subversive Elements, Cause and Effect, Question of Faith

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Guide will help you with all the side quests in this region so that you may progress and level up in the game efficiently.

ELEX is a sci-fi RPG developed by Piranha Bytes for PC and consoles. The game being an open-world title, players will come across many characters that will offer you quests and rewards for completing them. This guide will help you with all the side quests in the Ignadon region.

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ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Guide

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Guide will detail all there is for the players to know about the side quests in the region and how to complete them.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Enter the Hort in Ignadon

This side quest will activate as you reach The Hort, which is the main headquarter for The Clerics Faction. This quest will let you access the city and explore it. This side quest can be done in a number of ways.

Talk to Xander, a guard near the entrance of The Hort, to gain access to the city.

You can either get a Trade Permit, or you can Find “Rainer” who will be roaming the lands of Abessa who will also tell you about the recruitment process in the Faction, or you can try to bribe Xander but, will refuse and will instead let you go in for a favor.

The favor will be to that Xander will point out a person to you; all you have to do is say that the person is Guilty in “Subversive Elements” quest. You do not necessarily have to complete this favor but you will face consequences if you do not.

If you want to take the first option, which is to get a Trade Permit to access the city, then talk to a trader “Levin” he will be sitting right next to the Fighting Colossus machines near a teleporter. He will give you a side quest “Hunters and Collectors” in order to acquire the Trade Permit.

To go west from Levin’s location and you will notice that Rippers guard the supply crates and they are quite powerful. Do not take them all on at one time, lure them out one by one and clear out the area. Also, keep Levin safe as he can die during the fight.

Collect three Supply Crates and go back to Levin and he will let you choose your reward and you can choose the Trade Permit to get access to The Hort.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Final Arrangements

Speak to Wolf to activate the Quest in The Hort; he will be working in a Mine. He will ask you to murder an Outlaw prisoner “Eli” in The Hort; listen to his plan to murder Eli. After that make your way to the prison and speak with Eli about escaping the prison.

Now you will get to new sub-quests once you talk to Eli. The first is to retrieve Eli’s weapon, which is in a warehouse next to Balder’s office.

However, you will not have to access to the warehouse, so you can wait until night to sneak in and take the weapon before someone arrives.

The second sub-quest will be to find a Clerics Disguise, which you can get from a trader called Ferdinand. Once you have both, take them to Eli and here you will have two ways to end the quest.

The first way is pretty straightforward, tell Eli to get to the entrance of The Hort and wait for him there. Now you can fulfill Wolf’s request by killing Eli at the entrance and then go back to Wolf.

The second way is to lead Eli to confront with Wolf in the mine. Eli will get there himself. He will talk to Wolf and after the conversation ends, they both start fighting.

However, do not intervene and let them fight. Eventually, Wolf will kill Eli and the quest will end, however, there is a chance that Wolf will die due to an accident.

After that, Balder will ask you for compensation for freeing Eli and will demand 300 Elexit. You can choose to fight him but the Clerics will turn against you.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Subversive Elements

This is one of the big side-quest that players will encounter in ELEX. Talk to the Clerics Faction leader, Reinhold, to activate the quest.

He will tell you to identify a person who is illegally selling ELEX and will give some clues that connect to three members of the faction. Also, Subversive Elements consists of two sub-quests.

Also, talk to Dietrich, in the administration building, he will give you more clues. He will suggest players search a Clerics camp and will give you a warrant for it. This will trigger a sub-quest “The Supplier”.

The Supplier

Now, go to Castle Ruins of West Ignadon and watch out for the enemies along the way, as they are strong. Enter the castle and try to find the entrance that is not guarded by monsters. Once you are inside, you need to ask questions to three of the Clerics members.

Show your warrant to the Guard at the entrance and listen to what he has to say. Dirk will be on the floor of the main building in the ruins and he will give you a code (4979) to his safe. Search the safe and you will not find anything suspicious.

Find Karsten who will be walking around. Show him the warrant and he will give you a security code (8195) to his safe.

You will find Bundle of Outlaw Clothing, take it to Karsten and present him with the charges. You can either cooperation with Karsten or drive him off which will lead to a fight and you must defeat him.

Whatever is your decision, return to Dietrich and tell him about Karsten’s death or lie to him and tell him that you have killed the nameless supplier of the ELEX and show him the Outlaw clothes.

Nightly Business

For this quest, players need to talk to three guards at The Hort. The Pit Guard will give players Surveillance Report, Factory Guard will also give you a report, and Xander will also give you a report.

However, if you have asked Xander let you in The Hort during “Enter the Hort in Ignadon” side quest then you will owe him and Xander will ask you to return the favor by accusing “Siegfried” of the illegal ELEX trade.

Also, if you do not owe him you can still fulfill his request voluntarily. You can now complete the quest by randomly choosing a culprit.

You need to return to Reinhold once you have completed all the steps and choose a suspect from Hagen, Siegfried, and Oswald. You can choose “Siegfried” as the culprit to return Xander the favor but he is innocent or accuse “Oswald” who is the real culprit here.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Food for the Clerics

This small side quest will activate once you talk to Martha in Hort and she will ask you to solve a food supply problem for her. This quest can be done in a number of ways.

Go to the abandoned base to the South-West of The Hort, and speak with Raudur pay him 250 Elexit for supplies. He will give you a note that will contain codes to the safes in the camp. Go to the safes and take Survival Pack from each of them.

Another solution to the problem is that you can ignore talking to Raudur, use Pickpocket ability, and steal Raudur’s Note.

Another alternate solution to the problem is to use “Hack” on each of the safes but you need the level if this ability to be high to be successful.

Return to Martha if you have the supplies and you can tell her which way you acquired these supplies. You can also lie if you want.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Question of Faith

Talk to Eva to activate the quest and she will ask you to find a rare Arvid’s book. However, the book is located in the archives but you will only be allowed to go in if you have the permission.

Make your way to the Cathedral and then to the basement where the archives are, however, Karl will stop you and you cannot bride your way through.

This problem has a number of solutions; the first one is to wait for Karl to leave his position when he goes to pray.

Now you need to get close the entrance to the basement and wait for Karl to enter the Cathedral’s main room and start praying. Just sneak into the archives and get the book.

The other option is to hack the console near the entrance to the basement. You can hack into the system if you have three Crafting points. Hack and add yourself to the list of people who have access to the archives, then speak to Karl and he will let you in.

Also, you can access the archives after you have joined the Clerics Faction as Acolytes have full access to the archives. Find the book and take is back to Eva.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Cause and Effect

Speak with Hagen to activate the quest, he will ask you to investigate a case of mutants, which are posing a threat to the city. Proceed with this quest if you level is high as the mutants will be a tough pill to swallow.

Mutants will be located to the North of the City. Do not rush inside, as you will face a lot of trouble.

Lure out smaller monsters, take them out one by one, and when all are dead, check the cave and you will find dead Clerics. Go back to Hagen and report to him.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Hard as Steel

Talk to Godehard to activate the quest, he will be in the factory. He will give you 100 Elexit and will ask you to buy a part that he needs and make sure it is evening time when you go shopping. Shorty sells the part you are looking for and you can acquire it in a couple of ways.

You can buy the box from Shorty for 100 Elexit but he will ask for another 100 Elexit.

You can either give it to him or threaten him and pay him only 50, or you can just kill him. The second way if use your pickpocket ability a d steal it from Shorty. Get the part and return to Godehard.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – From Old to New

Speak with Anna to activate the quest and try to complete it immediately and prevent from any Clerics from dying otherwise there will be consequences. The quest will require you to collect AI chips from malfunctioning robots.

Make your way to the airport, and you will notice mechanics fighting some Robots. Join the fight and destroy the robots. Once they are done, search the remains, collect the chips, and return to Anna.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Runners

Talk to Dik in the Castle Ruins of West Ignadon and he will give you the quest to deliver Outpost Status Report to the headquarters. Go to Hort and deliver the report to Balder.

ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Walkthrough – Neighbor Troubles

Speak with Gerd and he will ask you to get rid of the Roaming Chimera monsters. Also, make sure you are at least level 20 as the monsters are strong. You will find the monster to the East of the ruins, kill them and return to Gerd.

That is all for our ELEX Ignadon Side Quests Guide with tips on all the side quests that players will find in Ignadon region. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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